End of Week 15 Garden Update


finally everything is outside, and everything is growing! we are slightly sad that we lost some of our prized tomato plants, but hey… you can’t get everyth…


  1. Hey everything looks great looks like your off to an awesome start for this
    year, looking forward to seeing the surprise unveiling of your greenhouse
    thingy.. take care and have a great harvest,.

  2. @jwlrymkr thank you! we try, and hopefully it pays off! we will be making
    another video soon like i said, sorry for the delay!

  3. nice job so far !… sorry to hear you had such a crazy week or two of golf
    …good grief.. how terrible …lol.. the eggplant leaves indicate
    transplant shock and/or not hardened off well enough for the conditions …
    they will grow out of it. they are kind of sensitive to major change in
    growing conditions early on. the rain probably compounded that issue as well

  4. Bet it is great getting a lot your plants outside and out of the house. I
    almost have all mine out, (and they are thanking me) your stuff looks great!

  5. @loislaney23 thanks! except for my dead tomatoes…. they are crying. as
    well as me! i lost 11 varieties there! danget!

  6. Hey B & L – Great update love to see the progress every week. You guys are
    doing a awsome job. Keep the info and updates growing our way :-}

  7. @MajorRager76 lol, i wish….. well not for his house to be that small,
    just that he could live that close to me. lol.

  8. @MrStepheninKY nothing is going in the beds. its mulch to walk on silly! i
    do know that praxxus said that. i may have just worded it wrong.

  9. @DBIGMAN812MANY thanks! we just set another box in, so there the tomatos
    and eggplant will be put.

  10. Looks like you’ve got some of everything going on. It hurts to lose plants,
    but thats why you plant so many. Just regroup and keep moving on ! Bobby

  11. @sondrakjones well thank you! we will hopefully have a lot more plants in

  12. @wmkk808 thank you! and yes, the unvailing of the greenhouse surprise will
    be an exciting one.

  13. @Allen2045 oh totally! i can’t wait to see your other beds.i hope to get 14
    in by this year, and mabey 20 in by next year. hopefully :)

  14. Not sure how I haven’t seen many of your videos before, but great job.
    Always fun to see others who like to grow stuff too. I’ll be watching the
    updates. Thanks.

  15. Looking good… Wish we could grow Peppers/capsicums that well here without
    loosing the fruit to Fruit fly… Have a great one…

  16. @Praxxus55712 very funny ray……. but seriously! those storms sucked! it
    was like day in day out lightining storms, and with golf and crazy school,
    and many other compounding issues, i thought they would be fine… oh no,
    they were not fine. wimps…. LOL!

  17. Looks like your plants got a little sun scald. That’s the milky white
    leaves/ It is common when moving plants outside and giving them full sun.
    Glad you didn’t lose more on that crappy storm. We seem to be finally
    getting decent weather here. ps: I know what’s under the plastic. It’s a
    body right? Two bodies? Half a body? No? Am I the only one who stores the
    bodies under plastic?