How to Water Veggies in an Unheated Cold Frame, Polytunnel, or Hoop House


From November through February here in zone 5a, we rarely water the veggies in our cold frames and polytunnels. And when it’s coldest, from mid-December to m…


  1. I really behind on checking out videos. Good one. I gave up on the idea of
    planting winter stuff this year to prepare our new ground. More work than I

  2. Looks great, lots of snow sure makes it looks holidayish! Great tips for
    winter watering! You have a great, calm style, which makes people want to
    watch and listen. 

  3. You’ve done a lot of work on that garden. It sure looks different from just
    a few months ago. Do you have a mildew/mold problem in the beds by chance?.

  4. Another great video from you my friend! Well done and good info. I grew up
    in Indiana and my parents never attempted growing in the winter…I really
    wish they had, my learning curve would have keen much shorter! Well done,
    keep it up brother.

  5. Hey! I also find it’s better to keep the soil drier in freezing temps
    because root veggies freeze easier. Dry soil acts like an insulator and
    protects things like root vegetables from heavy frosts. I made the mistake
    of watering too late and lost a bunch of potatoes as the wet dirt let the
    frost right in :(
    Coal miners lettuce?

  6. I wish that held true for the heated greenhouses. I am still watering twice
    a day. I may reduce it to once pretty soon though.
    Thanks Patrick.

  7. Really good info, thanks! I have a question for you if you get a minute. I
    decided really late to try the Claytonia and Mache. I planted them about 3
    weeks ago in my poly tunnel, and it’s been really cold ever since. We have
    snow, and it’s been into the 20’s pretty much every night. There is no sign
    of germination. Do you think I need to reorder more seeds and try again in
    early spring, or do you think they’ll eventually do something? This year is
    definitely my learning year! :)