A Walk About the Farm to See Orchards, Chickens, Goats and Gardens


Sometimes I just like doing an overall update. There were a few minutes to burn and I had a camera in hand, so… here is a 20 minute walk around the farm. W…


  1. Here’s a tour of the Orchard and Gardens in the heat of July in Texas.
    There is a special ending staring my rooster Buttercup.

  2. Just wondering how those cantaloupes made it… seems to me, with the heat
    in Texas, that you wouldn’t have anything growing on metal… just saying.
    I live in NC, and I use strings or just let them lay… do pretty well.

  3. Summer is getting tough on most of the plants. I grew up in the South and I
    remember those days. I would cut my tomatoes back by half and give them
    some powdered limestone so that by the end of August they were kicking back
    into high production.
    The last rooster that attacked me ended up in permanent time-out in the
    refrigerator in less than 20 minutes. Now in the freezer for added

  4. wow your aunt owns a berry farm i got some black raspberry and red
    raspberry and blackberry seeds im going to grow out alot! looking for
    thornless ones thats cool im from texas too .We got a little over two acres
    to grow on .How acres do you own?

  5. Buttercup?? You named a male buttercup and it has the same hairdo as
    Phyllis Diller?? I’d attack you too if I were him. I would egg you as you
    walked by.

    How on earth do you even find time to sleep? Full time job + family + huge

  6. When I saw your Mexican Midget tomato I was a bit sad. I started those
    from seeds this year and had 5 beautiful plants. They grew faster than all
    my other plants. I planted them at different places and time around the
    yard. But they all died, nothing I did could save them. Maybe they just
    don’t do well in my area. All other tomatoes are doing fine. Thanks for
    the video at least I got to see what they would have been like.

  7. Thank you for the tour! I wish I had as much space as you do so I could
    plant some more veggies and such. For now I’m just going to have to make
    do with my 3 little 4×8 beds. I also wanted to mention that I’m not sure
    if that is clover growing with your little peach tree. I’m thinking that
    it is some form of sorrel. A nibble on the leaves will give you a quick
    clue. Sorrel has a tart “lemony” flavor.

  8. I like the idea of the blackberries, hate that urban sprawl has forced
    wildlife into your area, and I would be mad if my dad had name me
    buttercup. Johnny cash had a great song called A boy named sue that comes
    to mind.

  9. That is malabar spinach. Wonderful stirred raw into fresh cooked (still
    hot) lentils with curry powder.

  10. Great tour! What a lot of work and love are going into this garden,orchard
    and farm, and it shows. Nice that you include the successes and failures,
    since all of us have both.Gardening and orcharding are new learning
    experiences every year, as are the animals; but the rewards are so
    I must admit I also watch this because it brings me back to my country
    roots where I grew up in the midwest. Still long for those open
    spaces…and we also had a rooster who thought he was king too! Haha.

  11. The ” clover ” thats around your peach tree start is actually Wood-sorrel.
    Its edible and taste like lemon.

  12. Those Silkies look like puppies running around. Buttercup??! Wow! That is
    kinda like A Boy Named Sue isn’t it? Poor rooster. LOL!

    Nice up date. Glad to hear Blackeye Peas like heat, I recently planted
    some. Actually, someone suggested buying the bag of soup beans at the store
    and growing a mystery garden. So, I did… I admit it is kinda fun I only
    recognize the peas but I do remember where the Blackeye Peas are planted
    and they look good. Also, whatever type of pea these are I don’t know but
    they don’t seem to mind heat! Yay! Maybe I will get more than one pea!
    Woowho! Have you ever grown Lima Beans or Butter Beans… one of the
    mystery bean plants looks just like a cantalope plant with ruffledy edged
    round leaves, I am puzzled by what it is…ever seen a bean plant like that

  13. Blake I really suffer when I see all the things you planted that didn’t
    germinate. I also had germination problems and then I saw a youtube video
    on germinating in sandwich zip bags. I now get very high germination
    percentage on almost everything. Give it a try you will be surprised. Take
    a zip lock bag with a paper towel inside throw in seeds and a little water.
    Put somewhere room temp. You will get little tails coming out of the seeds.
    You then can put in pots or the ground. It is also a good way to find out
    if your seeds are good.

  14. You can save your fruit trees from deer browsing by: a) caging them up with
    fencing or b) poking in bamboo poles around them at angles. Sounds funny,
    but when you need to relieve yourself of urine, do it out at your
    boundaries. If not comfortable doing this, collect your urine in a bucket
    elsewhere and spread at borders. This will keep the coyotes and deer from
    your garden areas. Sweet potatoes do like their nutrients, but they
    absolutely love their water more. Borers are horrible bugs. Early on when
    plants are young, lightly spread some wood ash, along with the diatomeous
    earth, around the base of your squash/pumpkins/melons. Otherwise your
    garden looks good for this time of year.

  15. Deer ate the whole top of my plum a few years ago they knew what they where
    doing I have a nice plum tree bush now. You need a heat tolerant tomato
    plant or an early determinate tomato like early girl, but some of that was
    wilt its in our soil nothing we can do about it. I will send you a graft or
    2 late winter next year I bet they wont give out on you like they did.
    Great video Thanks

  16. You certainly have a lot going on! I noticed you have mulch around your
    fruit trees but not in the garden. It would keep those plants a little
    happier during the hot season. My son used to have a lot of problems with
    deer and rabbits until he got a black lab. Apparently she keeps them away
    from the garden. Anyways, beautiful land and I love the way your have
    arranged everything. Very nice:)………Ann

  17. Hi Blake, I love your orchard!
    How long will it take to produce fruit?
    Thanks for the tour! What a great farm.

    (from How to grow a garden – I changed the channel name)