A Visit Back to Our Old Homestead Part 1


We went back to our old house and I took some video of the homesteading infrastructure that we built there including our two straw bale barns, pastures and o…


  1. Thank you for your comments. We really love the bamboo and we just moved
    one of the clums from this video to our new home. We now have both stone
    and yellow grove bamboo and hope to add Miso bamboo at some point.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. One of the good things was that we no
    longer have to feed the cows hay twice a day. That was both costly and time
    consuming. The old house was really small and there were other problems. We
    knew we couldn’t stay there. Here, on the other hand, we can stay a long
    time. We also think we are supposed to be here. Glad you can tell!

  3. i live in northern Minnesota and there are a whole bunch of these from like
    the 20’s and 1800’s ive found lots of cool things in them that i collect.

  4. I bet it was kinda hard to leave all of that work…until they started
    building that new house right beside you. Your old place was nice…but
    your new place is much better! It really looks like your supposed to be at
    your new place.

  5. We are in zone 6 I believe and I am hoping the giant moso bamboo will grow
    here. Moso is the most widely used timber bamboo and most used for shoot
    production.There is a cold whether type ‘moso Anderson’ that will grow to
    70ft. Lewis bamboo, mid-Atlantic bamboo and the American bamboo society
    have good web sites. We went to mid-Atlantic bamboo farm and it was great.
    They have a lot of different species and they were all fascinating.