VIARLOCITY Wind Turbines Revamping and Testing Small Off Grid System


VIARLOCITY Wind Turbines Revamping and testing small Off Grid System This Video Is Showing That I used # 6 AWG Cable terminals or Lugs to My Rectifiers ! Plu…


  1. Mate turn your bridge rectifier 90′ around so that the fins are vertical to
    the floor. There is no airflow as it is now

  2. Hey I got a tool box just like yours is that a quiet glide Craftsman? I
    just bought me a stack of those. I like your Idea for the terminal washers
    to make them get some good tight contact. Did you use on the bottoms some
    kind of body clip? I got corn froze from my garden like that too LOL. I
    want to get a chest freezer like that is that a ChinaMart one? I see them
    out at ChinaMart but Im skeered they might break dont know about them so
    are they good enough anyone know?

  3. Glad to be helpful, in the future if you have any question , don’t hesitate
    to ask, it will be my pleasure to help. Have a nice day and God Bless

  4. Thanks again for sharing… as a positive criticism, you might think about
    covering all of your positive leads in noncontucting covers to guard
    against the odd dropped tool.

  5. Hi Kenny, I see you used sheet metal screws. Now I remember MrScience
    giving me hell for doing this. But they make connection as long as they are
    tight. They make connection lug’s for this rectifier, but they are only
    made for 12 gauge. I used stainless washers for mine. And the freezer is
    just apart of what a 100 watt panel and a 2000 watt invertor can do. Good
    vid, SEMFERFI Bro!!

  6. Very very nice job , on those conectors , tumbs up my friend you did them
    right. Have a nice day and lots of fun whith your setup 😉

  7. Just by looking at the freezer, I would guess about 400 Wh a day is needed,
    so with a 100W panel and batteries you are pretty close to even on a good
    solar day (battery loss is a killer). If you take a 24 hr reading using the
    normal grid you could confirm that. Does it do a defrost cycle? In an
    emergency it would be good to know how to disconnect the defrost heater and
    save some power (for a short time like a week).

  8. I Got That One At Lowes Nice Little Freezer That Craftsman Tool Box Is A
    1988 Model Buddy I got It In Senior Year In High School I Went To VOTECH I
    Took Auto Mechanics In High School Buddy

  9. I have It Hooked Up Right Now To My To My Kilowatt Meter To Let It Run A
    Full 24 Hour Day Thanks For Info My Good Friend I definetly Need The Help
    That Would Be A Great Idea Buddy Thanks nrodge1