Veggie Grow Room Upgrade


This video was originally uploaded on 1/27/2014. We’ve never had much of a grow room. In fact, even though we’ve had a vegetable garden for more than 20 year…


  1. Will have to install the reflective blankets. Excellent. The fan will
    likely be a great addition to prevent disease, and it should also help to
    strengthen the plants.

  2. I found out that if you use Cinnamon around cats they won’t bother
    anything. Cinnamon as in the BIG golden colored Chesapeake that you see on
    many of my videos…She is the lone reason that my wife doesn’t have a cat.

  3. Great video and excellent explanation! I am starting my seeds this weekend
    that I got from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. Spring fever is in full
    gear. Cheers!

  4. Wonderful video, thank you for sharing. You may have done this already,
    but if you haven’t, Ray in Praxxus55712 channel had this “COMPLETE indoor
    growing Tips & Help” video from 3 months ago where he explained in details
    regarding his indoor growing and set up you may be interested in to watch
    and may be able to use some of his tips. Can’t wait to see how you would
    develop it overtime. Thank you for sharing again.

  5. Nice grow room. I thought I responded on this before but I like the way
    You build things. Its is nice and neat . Do You find that Fluorescent
    bulbs are better than Led. I enjoy your videos.

  6. Really like the structure you built for the fluorescent bulbs…also, does
    the mylar also act to hold in humidity. Lights can dehydrate plants pretty
    fast. Very interesting video. Thanks as usual.

  7. Nice set up! I chose to use white plastic this year in stead of the
    reflective blanket. Thanks for sharing,

  8. I have had to change my growing set up around :) ran out of space.
    Fortunately pickles the dog much prefers the sunspot on the carpet to the
    window sill :) 

  9. I’m still stubborn enough to want to start outdoors, but your grow room
    looks great. I am sure it will let you get an early start on all those
    things you mentioned. All that for Oscar ;-)

  10. Looking super great! You did a great job on this episode. What’s the next
    thing you are doing a video on? Take care bud, till next time!

  11. One tip I would like to share with you regards the reflective material
    within an indoor grow box or station. The best reflective surface is flat
    white, any other material such as tin foil (reflective), tinted paint,
    glossy paint will alter the wave length generated by the bulb somewhat and
    be less effective. If you notice most florescent fixtures use a flat white
    reflector for that reason. When I went to a flat white paint in my 4 tiered
    grow system the lighting was greatly improved and the seedlings seemed a
    touch more happier as well!! Great job, like the snap together shelving
    you’re using. 2 cats and a dog (small pony) rule the windows in my home, my
    house plants have become garage plants. 

  12. Nice set up, Patrick. Good ideas and guidelines to follow. I think I will
    have to follow suit, and increase the lighting for indoor seed starting.
    Lack of light is most likely the problem I had this year. Do you plan to
    grow any herbs, cherry tomatoes, or anything like that in your grow room
    after this summer? It would be nice to pick fresh produce throughout the
    winter months. -Eric 

  13. Although I already watched the first one, great job on the video “remix”.
    Hopefully it sticks around. Love the grow area. Now I know what to do
    with the extra mylar blankets I got for Xmas, don’t ask. I’ll be starting
    seeds soon too but have more seeds than space. Hoping to build in a seed
    starting area when I build out an expanded aquaponic system.Best of luck
    with the biochar test. I hope it proves beneficial since I just built my
    first biochar oven. Unfortunately, I need to tweak mine a bit more.

  14. WOW, Patrick! That is one EXCELLENT grow system. From start to finish,
    what you have done so far, how much would this cost to build? I have always
    liked how you let us know the budget you have had in the past. Thank you.
    Great teaching video. Good luck with your seedlings. 

  15. What we wouldn’t do for our pets! Really worth it if you ask me, they bring
    so much joy into our lives and now you have a great grow room :)

  16. Your grow room looks great Patrick! I had mine set up last week. For now
    the only plants i have growing are my onions and eggplants. I’d play safe
    since we have a brutal weather this year. There is still 3-feet of snow in
    the ground and we’re still in single digits.I will wait for more weeks to
    start my other seeds. Good luck on your future projects.

  17. Nice setup, Patrick. I’ve got similar shelving but they don’t lock
    together. I’ll be making an update on my poor attempts in the next day or
    so but want to get seeds set up first. I had an idea yesterday. If it works
    out I will have an awesome grow room next year.

  18. Suggestion: try to use plant growing fluorescent lights. It is much more
    productive. In Europe the best are Osram Fluora T8 in US I think is
    Sylvania brand. Check in aquarium stores or internet. The best light wave
    for seedlings are 440-450 nm (blue light) plus 640-660 nm (red light)

  19. since I don’t presently have a cat, I used my SSE facing window for my grow
    room. I used reflectors which double as internal insulation in the
    evenings. I am debating about adding a grow light (old terraium fixture) to
    supplement my light.
    a) any sources on reflected light and how it helps growth
    b) that box of mustard, pak choy(its all been chopped once) and fava beans
    will be replaced with a Kratky container of swiss chard and lettuce. I had
    planned to increase the daylight with the growlight after the window loses
    direct sun. how long do you run your lights?
    c) I have a few tiny biochar experiments but nothing rigorous enough to
    join the data set. Started with cowboy charcoal, compost for innoculants.
    Everything is in containers and will have to be thrown out when I move in
    April. Have more stuff going at the retirement place in Texas regarding

    Thanks for you efforts Dan Barry
    ps got a pic but can’t upload it here, will put it on my youtube.