Vegetable Garden and Homesteading May 2012


Corn is 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall and green beans are producing well. I give a quick update on a few things that are going on here. No rain in 3 weeks and it is s…


  1. Your garden is looking good Tim, yours is much farther along than mine. No
    rain for us in about 3 weeks so I too am having to water……Donald

  2. Thanks…..I try to use every square inch my wife will let me turn
    under… far as the green beans I space mine around 6-8 inches
    apart….and then thin to 8-12 inches apart……Hopefully the deer stay
    out of you garden……I am all fenced in so rarely even see rabbits…..

  3. Yeah looking good, good how much land are you growing on?, also the string
    beans how far part should they be thinned? Got a little deer problem here
    put some net up hope that helps. Nice video thanks

  4. Thanks Donald…..We had a lot of rain when we first seeded everything and
    it has turned off dry on us of late……Hopefully we will both see some
    rain soon…….

  5. Thanks brother……if I find some missing I will know where to start
    looking…..Just beware I have an attack Rooster named Ansel that hangs out
    in the corn patch…..;-)

  6. Thanks Bobby…….we have had 90 degree plus highs for about 2 weeks
    now…….It has been dry here again……Glad to here you are not having
    to irrigate…..I am not going to complain though… far it is mild
    compared to last year……

  7. WOW! I was gone fore like 5 days and look at what I miss!!!

  8. Thats some fine looking corn Tim, just beautiful. You’ve got it going on
    down there. What kind of temps are you getting? We’ve gotten enough rain to
    keep from having to irrigate, but we sure could use some more. Rain is in
    the forecast, again, so we’ll see. Hope ya’ll get some soon.