Urban Garden Update 6 (2011)


Urban Garden.


  1. @14dollarz Today it was in the 80’s…great now….dreading it when it gets
    farther along in the season…I don’t care for hot weather lol. I’m
    thinking about building my next 4’X20′ bed in the next week or so, I want
    to plant my second harvest of stuff so I don’t have a period with nothing
    once the first wave stops producing. I’m addicted lol. My wife said if
    everything goes well, I can do chickens next year. Not sure if I”m down
    with that yet. HaHa

  2. @NewUrbanGardener Good luck. Though the gardening stuff isn’t too tough.
    Put stuff and dirt (good dirt) and water it. The squash can get pretty darn
    tall so just watch out :). I had squash last year that shaded out other

  3. @TheUrbanOutdoors Thanks a lot, I don’t have much to offer being that this
    is my first time gardening. Hopefully as the season progresses I will have
    some information that might help people in the future.

  4. @justlikeneo Thanks! Yeah I have an excel spreadsheet that I am going to
    chart the production of each type of plant and then compare them to each
    other along with notes on tastes and any diseases that they had during the
    season. I will go over those next year when I’m choosing my seeds again and
    maybe change brands on the ones that don’t turn out well. The Drip system
    is awesome, so glad I went ahead and did it.

  5. @14dollarz Yeah, I was spending a ton of time just standing there
    watering…fun at first…by about the tenth day, I committed to drip
    irrigation lol. About the squash, I put the squash up front and the tall
    plants in the back so they couldn’t shade them out. I even put the back row
    in 2 weeks ahead to ensure they get up and out from behind the squash and
    other plants that grow low and crazy.

  6. @NewUrbanGardener I had trouble waiting last year and I think even though
    it didn’t frost after I planted the cooler weather seemed to stunt my
    eggplant and they didn’t do as well as the year before. Since this is my
    3rd season I’ll finally be a little more patient as the growing season is
    pretty long here. But it is definitely warm in FL and your plants are
    already big.

  7. @shelmarie87 3 different types of bell peppers, cowpeas, okra, squash,
    eggplant, cucumbers and some watermelon. In a couple months I am going to
    attempt to grow a couple 400-500lb pumpkins! I think that would be
    something my 4yr old son will really enjoy and remember :) Thanks for the

  8. Drip irrigation is awesome. Watering can be a bit of a chore depending upon
    how big your garden is. It’s nice not to have to worry about it and spend
    more time simply enjoying what you are growing. For those small peppers you
    could actually pull them off and that will focus more energy into the plant
    to grow large faster. Also watch out for that squash. Not sure what kind it
    is but mine got so big it shaded out 1/3 of my bed it got so large and the
    other plants started to die.

  9. @susannamcintyre Those peppers are almost grocery store size now and my
    other two plants are already growing more. I started my plants in January,
    taking a chance our last frost was gone already…so far, I was right.
    Guess I got a jump on things. It was all luck though, I was just anxious to
    start :)

  10. @NewUrbanGardener You probably won’t have a lull in harvesting.
    Indeterminate tomatoes, peppers, squash all produce fairly consistent. It
    is quite addicting. I have added more and more beds each year. But I’ve
    openly admitted to my addiction so it is ok.

  11. Dude – everything looks great! It’s crazy how the drip system really boosts
    growing. Are you going to record how many pounds of food you harvest?

  12. @14dollarz I”m in Jacksonville, Florida. We had a short winter this year
    and I took a gamble and planted early. It looks like I lucked out on the
    gamble this time. I was just getting too anxious to plant something lol. I
    started everything from seed so it wasn’t a big deal if it didn’t work out,
    I would just start again if we had a freeze.

  13. @shelmarie87 Hey! I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I live in a historic
    district downtown and got luck to score a large lot. I do plan on
    expanding, already designing stuff in my head :) I plan on adding another
    row just like the 4ft X 20ft bed right in front of it and adding a couple
    more 4X8’s as well and then put pavers all in between them. Right now I am
    growing about 6 different types of tomatoes (I actually don’t eat tomatoes
    lol, but the wife and parents do),

  14. @NewUrbanGardener Yeah I was looking back at my previous years videos and
    my squash was the thing that grew the fastest and put fruit out first.
    Where are you located? I have about 4 more weeks till i can plant most of
    my veggies.

  15. @14dollarz I have planted more than we can eat on purpose. I live in a
    historic district and some of my neighbors are in their 80’s and lived here
    all their life and are on a fixed income. I want to give them some of the
    harvest’s to help them out. Plus my neighbors are awesome, so I like
    helping them out.

  16. Found your channel via The Bayou Gardener (aka webcajun on here). Sorry if
    this has already been asked/answered before but where do you live? Out west
    or down south I’m guessing considering you had all this planted in March!
    I’m from Baltimore, MD myself. You have a LOT more land than I do… Do you
    plan on expanding in future years? What all are you growing there now?

  17. @14dollarz Pretty funny you mention the squash, I noticed today that I
    already have a squash growing! Wait till you see my update this weekend,
    that thing is going crazy big!