Urban Garden


You can grow food anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much room you have. Just matters how dedicated you are to feed you and your family right.


  1. Thanks Steven. I have recently redid my front yard. My neighbors lot is now
    a stone fruit orchard with some apples and pomagrante as well. I also built
    a raised bed where the broccoli and Brussel sprouts where last year. If you
    have plant start ready you need to get them in the ground or in a pot as
    soon as possible. It is almost the end of the planting season here in Las
    Vegas. I will post video of this years garden soon. Thanks again

  2. The best info is to get your plants in early. As well as know your yard.
    Where is your after noon shade, what gets full sun etc. Also I like to use
    a 30% shade clothe to protect the plants that can’t handle the heat. I am
    still working with the avocado. But no luck yet. Another thing is to get
    some compost or make your own. This will increase your soil fertility. I
    also use worm compost I produce myself. I also like rock dust. 

  3. Great video. You have so much going on and I love it. I have been in Vegas
    for five years and I don’t know how things survive in this heat. We are
    looking to buy our first house within the next few months and hopefully we
    can start the design when it comes to our own setup. We currently only have
    seedlings but our goal now is apricots, peaches, apples, and orange trees.

  4. What a great set up! I live in Vegas too and am starting to get a garden
    going. Any tips for handling the heat? Also, how are your neighbors
    handling your roosters?