Update on My Fall/Winter Mini Food Forest – Time to Plan for Fall / Winter


Here’s a quick update on my fall/winter garden bed. I try my best to emulate a food forest with this little garden bed by growing perennials and annuals that…


  1. Thanks! I find this approach works really great, especially for greens.
    Claytonia is also called miner’s lettuce and it can survive extreme cold. I
    would think you could grow all kinds of things in the winter in your
    climate, especially if you have a little hoop garden.

  2. Thanks Elyse, but don’t deprive me and your other subscribers of the
    privilege of watching your videos. Thanks for joining me on FB!

  3. I really liked your INTRODUCTION VIDEO. You are an inspiration on how to
    garden on a budget, with OUTSTANDING RESULTS. It all starts with the soil
    and you make it plan and simple. I look forward to watching all your videos
    and updates. I am on my way to gardening the way you suggest. Thank you for
    inspiring me to keep on track.

  4. Such a great idea and great video. I really will try to do with my swiss
    chard bed for sure. I am already sowing lots more. I started some of my
    Fall veggies too. Claytonia… I’ve got to look that up. That one is new on
    me. And congrats on those babies popping up. They look really healthy.

  5. You’re welcome. The Eliot Coleman book was a real eye opener for me. It had
    never occurred to me that I could have a garden in the winter in zone 5.

  6. You can definitely grow in the winter in your climate – no doubt about it.
    Thanks for joining me on FB!

  7. You’ve done it again! I think I will stop doing videos and send all my
    subscribers to you lol Joined on FB too!

  8. Oh yeah.. miners lettuce. Okay cool. Yes, I will try to make a hoop garden
    this year. I am so excited to see if I can grow year round. I really
    enjoyed this video. Will probably watch it again. Btw.. I just joined you
    on FB. Take care!

  9. Thanks, Lark. That means a lot to me. I’ll be watching your videos to see
    how your gardening journey unfolds.