Use Your Tomato Cages to Protect Young Fruit Trees


During the spring, fall, and winter, deer get hungry when there is no vegetation to feed on. use your tomato cages for a repurposing method to protect them f…


  1. Good Idea, your tomato cages are awesome. Very sturdy! I’m going to check
    out your video on how you made them.

  2. I like this idea actually for protecting my banana tree baby from the
    winter. I will put a cage over it and then loosely put a clear plastic
    garbage bag on it when it gets really cold. Thank you!

  3. I bought some cougar urine and poured it on some small pieces of terry
    cloth and tied it about 18inches above the ground throughout my garden and
    now I do not have that buck visiting my garden for now just need to reapply
    it after a heavy rain before that they were eating up everything. thnx for

  4. Hmmmm, Great idea for keeping chicken out also! Imagine waking up one
    morning and finding a deer ate all your flowers across a full acre of your
    land!! That would be me! I’ve gotten really good at keeping them away now!
    They didn’t get any of my flowers this year!!! Mwahahaha!! Note, the
    tomatillo eating chipmunks are another story!! ;-)

  5. I got the link to watch on my FB page. What is with that?? I was not linked
    up to your FB account before now so how was that possible?? I am now
    linked up to your page but I would of thought I was in control of that sort
    of thing.. Love the clips…

  6. Great idea! This also makes it easier to put a plastic sheet over the cage
    for those really cold nights. 

  7. I like your idea but have you thought about the use of bird spikes are any
    other sharp points affixed to the tomato cage? Not trying to sound violent
    but animals make it a habit to avoid pain at all cost and it seems like
    having those types of devices affixed to the cage would be a more optimal
    setting and the deer would steer clear of it.