Spring Vegetable Garden Update


Serious Gardener and Chef show you the latest in our Vegetable Garden in Dallas, Texas. Check out of successes and challenges we face this year as we get rea…


  1. Blossom End Rot Cause
    Calcium is required in relatively large concentrations for normal cell
    growth. When a rapidly growing fruit is deprived of calcium, the tissues
    break down, leaving the characteristic lesion at the blossom end.
    Blossom-end rot develops when the fruit’s demand for calcium exceeds the
    supply in the soil. This may result from low calcium levels in the soil,
    drought stress, excessive soil moisture, and/or fluctuations due to rain or
    overwatering . These conditions reduce the uptake and movement of calcium
    into the plant, or rapid, vegetative growth due to excessive nitrogen

  2. Looks like Orange Assassin Bugs @ 12:20 Some species are blood suckers
    rather than predators known as kissing bugs, because they tend to bite
    sleeping humans in the soft tissue around the lips and eyes. A more serious
    problem than their bites is the fact that several of these species transmit
    the potentially fatal trypanosomal Chagas disease, sometimes called
    American trypanosomiasis..From Wikipedia… Nice Garden :) Thanks

  3. The potatoes and onions we will use way before when every get bad. They
    will store for several month or more. The garlic can last up to a year
    depending of the variety grow. I will save some and replant with in October.

  4. Those bugs on the squash plant look very strange. They really like the
    squash plant! Garden is looking really good.

  5. Thank you for the tour,Brandon. I can’t believe how mature your garden is,
    but then again you are in Texas and I am in Wisconsin. Your harvest is
    awesome. I hope my garlic turns our as nice as yours did.

  6. Storage of the potatoes, garlic and potatoes… how long do you store them
    for and how long can the garlic store?

  7. your squash probably rotted due to not being pollinated… if you don’t
    have enough bees you may need to hand pollinate them

  8. Brandon, #1 squash needs pollinated or it will do that. Same goes for
    melons / cucumbers #2 those orange bugs would be the Nymphs of the
    Leaffooted Stinkbug. Squash one of them and they will have a smell to them.
    Most organic controls will not work. Try Sevin, Bifenthrin or Prymethrin.
    #3 on either this video on another one you had many cucumber seedlings. I
    recommend thinning those out to 1 every 12-18″ They require help growing up