Small Town Garden Update 12 8-23-11



  1. Put black plastic down when you plant it and add black plastic as it grows.
    I just keep adding as the vines grow to keep the weeds out of it.

  2. @SouthernGardner hhmm maybe but i am going by the squarefoot garden book
    and it said they will grow fine maybe next year i will try somthing diffrent

  3. My bellpepper plants are doing the same thing growing mini fruit hope you
    find the answer and share with us : )

  4. I am a cat lover , and I love to run but , lately my cats have eaten all of
    my cherry tomatoes . Without the tomatoes , I find that I dont have the
    energy to run. How can I keep my tabby from consuming my super energy food
    ? I cant hug every cat !

  5. It looks like the heat is affecting your tomatoes, tomatoes don’t like a
    lot of direct hot sun my plants get about 6 hours and my tomatoes thrive,
    all my cherry type plants have hundreds of tomatoes and are 8′ tall I don’t
    give them much if any fertilizer but a little compost tea now & then. My
    point is to shade some of your plants and don’t shade some and judge for
    yourself. Nice video & garden

  6. @ttitanic121 ya i know tomatoes dont like alot of water but its a tricky
    issue when its 107 everyday and they look like they are needing water…ya
    i still need to plant more winter crop ..still learning but i will get it
    down :)

  7. sorry I’m so late are you fertilizing with and how much ? it’s
    not the heat.. things seem from the video rather spindly and not deep green

  8. @Thesmalltowngardener 107…no wonder, they’re in shock…takes alot of
    practice & experience,but that’s the fun of gardening…ya never quite know
    what U gonna get,lol

  9. it could b the heat slowin down production…when I see yellow leaves
    ,that’s a sign of over watering…tomatoes don’t like too much…see Ur
    cold crops r thriving in that heat…

  10. @JustinBurkitt Hey Justin hhhm well what i would do is put a cage around
    your tomatoe plants or build a green house to keep the cats out….thanks

  11. Hi Ronnie, I can’t wait to see your kitchen! The garden looks healthy, I
    think SouthernGardner is right about the roots, I had the same problem too.
    Keep going, the garden looks great. Eric

  12. I was using miracle grow that you attach to the water hose once a week like
    it said …this year I think I will only be using compost tea and fish
    emulsion I think i will get better results with that…what do you think
    any advice?