Small Off Grid Solar 1


This is a video to show the solar upgrades and to answer some questions I have been getting about this small solar setup.


  1. Great video, I’m been experimenting with solar also. I am trying to figure
    out how to get the power to all the rooms in my house while staying off the
    grid. I am looking into a breaker box and a transfer switch but still not
    sure even what I need. 

  2. Nice video..I have been experimenting as well. We have some property we
    are building a cabin on and will be doing solar/wind. Everything I’ve
    learned, has been from guys like you. Thanks for posting!

  3. Glad to see you are doing well and still plugging along. I think you will
    be happy to know that square d QO breakers are UL listed for DC use and a
    great choice for solar overcurrent protection. Hope all is well with you
    and yours..

  4. Very nice system mate. I am glad you did that 12 v test system. Its a big
    learning curve for many PPL, I have just a small tip for you and weather
    you use it or not its up to you. In your cabin Put in a 24 v system. It
    dose not cost much to change over. The reason is easy. You use less amps to
    run items. Say that freezer used 6 amps on 12 well on 24 it would use 3
    amps. The math I did on 1 of my videos. Your 12 v system is good. Its not
    free power. But its nice power. And feels good.

  5. Can you recommend any books or resources you have used to help you learn
    and understand PV? I am also experimenting with just an even more basic and
    inexpensive Harbor Freight system. Do you have your powerstrip wired
    directly to the batteries, then also your inverter for the freezer? thanks

  6. I learned everything I know about solar from you tube, check out videos
    from OBSOLWIND ,Justin Case, and Goat Hollow made a great video about his
    Harbor Freight system that you need to see,he did it right…My system is
    12 volt converted to 120 volts through an inverter so everything runs off
    that..Do some google searches on 12 volt layouts and call some solar
    companies and bug them for info.Thanks for subbing and good luck…