Slow Play Lawn Care – Fight Seasonal Depression


This is footage of lawn care to help you during winter when you are sad and depressed because you can’t be out in the lawn! I know, because I get seasonal de…


  1. Excellent Video! I Love this style of video!
    Glad you have footage stashed for us man :)

  2. Bookmark and watch this video all winter long. It may help you prevent
    depression when there is all that snow on the ground. 

  3. Don’t have that issue here in surprise , Arizona .lawn looks bad because I
    just overseeded with rye .thanks to this channel I’ve really improved my
    lawn . growing it to 3 inches long

    Thanks lawn care nut.

  4. I had to watch it again the winter is getting me down 😀 your video made me
    feel better again thx buddy :D

  5. How do you like the echo blower? I’m thinking about picking up an extra
    blower to replace my current one as my “go to”. I remember you doing a
    video awhile back about it, I think it was a cold start video.

    Also, nice use of the mower as a tripod! That’s a trick I’ll have to try

  6. No doubt you have provided a valuable service to all of us who gets
    depressed over the winter. I surely do. Back in the day it was real bad for
    me and it began when the time changes. These days not so bad. Now if there
    were only a way to smell the fresh cut grass while we watch the video.
    Maybe you should invent some cologne that smells like grass. 

  7. I don’t have time to get depressed. From the lawn cutting right into the
    snow blowing…I look forward to one or the other being done for the
    season. Hey Allyn, got a new snowblower this year…it’s a beast Ariens
    Professional 28….watch out neighbors. This will accompany my Toro 621QZR
    for sidewalk and smaller areas. Yeah me!

  8. Dude, you crack me up! My business is outdoor so the coming cold weather in
    Philly is even more depressing. I looked out at my lawn this morning and
    realized that it looks as good as it ever will for the next 6 months.
    Sigh.. it’s all worth it though, right?

  9. Your yard looks great hopefully when we’re suffering through these harsh
    Tennessee winters I’ll have some good lawn videos to look at keep up the
    awesome work