Seed Update What’s Growing


As promised, here is what I currently have growing under the lights, just aching to get planted outside. But, good things come to those who wait. Not yet, my…


  1. WOW things sure are looking great since last week. It’s still in the 20’s
    up here in Mass so seeing the progress with your seedlings is more of a
    harbinger of spring than any rodent in Pennsylvania. Keep the info and
    updates growing our way :-{}

  2. Peppers too MUCH longer than the tomatoes. Hard to tell with the weather
    here in N. Tx. Last year we could have planted in Feb. as we didn’t get a
    freeze. Seems nice now, but we’ve had Ice storms in late march. Always a
    gamble. I’ll eyeball it at the end of the month and probably risk 3/1ish.
    Be sure to harden off gradually anything started inside. I fried a few
    plants last year by exposing them too long in the daylight. Constantly
    check for spider mites,they were a bugger last year.

  3. I’ve been in Plano since most of my life. Neither one of my
    parents are from Texas, so that combined with people I grew up with didn’t
    have much of an accent, so I never developed one. Move over one city and
    I’m sure I’d be using 2 or 3 syllables to pronounce 1 syllable words :) I
    do say Ya’ll, which my northern friends are quick to point out. Thanks for
    watching! Another update is coming soon!!!!

  4. I love that you have planted so many different kinds of veggies! Can’t wait
    to see the results. How long have you lived in Plano? You don’t really have
    a Texan accent. Best Wishes!

  5. Yeah, you can never count on Phil. I hear he drinks. But I might do that if
    I lived up in the cold. Being in Boston for the week made me more thankful
    for my N. Texas home – until summer when I usually curse the 105 degree
    summer days. LOL! Definitely amazing growth for a week. Had to raise the
    light level.

  6. Hey what kind of soil mix are you using for your seedlings?! I’m not
    getting that type of response at all from my plants! I’m using Hoffmans
    seed starting mix and have my peppers on a heat mat and my tomatoes are
    doing okay. Maybe I need MORE LUMENS!! haha. When do you think you’ll be
    moving the plants outside with all this nice weather?

  7. The bulbs I use are the Philips Daylight Deluxe. T8 size. Color´╗┐
    Temperature of 6500K and Light output of 2825 Lumens. They seem to do the

  8. I use a mix of different stuff. Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix,
    the Jiffy seed starting mix(which just looks like sawdust, LOL) a sprinkle
    of Garden-Ville Rocket Fuel which has some rock phosphate, guano, kelp, and
    a bunch of other stuff, plus some vermiculite and perlite. I tried just the
    jiffy last year and didn’t like the mix…was too loose. When i transplant
    into larger containers,5oz cup to 4″pot, I switch Peat Moss for Jiffy & add
    a little RocketFuel to the bottom.

  9. you will do find on the melons, they are easy to grow and low maintenance.
    get some diotomacious earth for the bugs for your eggplant and broccoli,
    sprinkle it in the soil around the base of the plant. great update! ;)-