Seed Starting for Early Spring Vegetable Garden


Starting 2 varieties of Cabbage, 2 varieties of Broccoli and 2 varieties of Tomatoes. Trying a new heat mat out this year to help germinate seeds.


  1. @niffer58 Thanks for the tip…..I will look for temp sensor……So far it
    hasn’t gotten too warm but will keep an I on it……

  2. Always a good feeling to get seeds started for the Spring! I planted the
    same Di Ciccio broccoli. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours grow. I am
    making sure that I don’t overwater my seedlings and they’re very happy!
    Watering the tray for uptake from the bottom. I have a packet of those
    Amish tomato seeds but I love the Cherokee Purples so much I can’t bring
    myself to take up space to try them. lol (If I had more room I would!) I
    like to see the varieties everyone plants, its helpful.

  3. I think you’re gonna like that heat mat, especially when you get into
    peppers and tomatoes. Homestead is a good one. And I’ve heard the same
    thing about Amish paste. Good luck Tim.

  4. You have me itching to start my seedlings. This year i bought a homemade
    grow box on Craig’s List for $50.00. It’s about 4 foot high by 4 feet wide
    by 3 foot deep. It has 2 UV shop lights that are suspended by chains so
    they can hang directly above the seedlings and a 2 bulb heat lamp that
    hangs from the top. It is all covered on the inside with Mylar to reflect
    the light. I cannot wait to use this thing. I will be doing a video on it
    as well. It holds about 5 trays of seedlings. Yipee.

  5. The mix is “Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix”….I picked it up at Lowes but
    have seen it at a lot of stores here….Shouldn’t be too hard to find…..

  6. What is the brand of mix that you use to start the seedlings? If you mix
    your own, can you provide the amount/percentage of each type in the blend?

  7. @4GreenEarth2 Thanks……It has been a project in the works for a while
    now…..My only problem is my wife won’t let me sleep out there……

  8. Nice. I had good luck with my seed mat. I also bought a tempature sensor
    and would advise it. I was told the mats can get to hot and burn your
    seeds.The tempature sensor will keep it at just the right temp for what ur
    growing. The guy I bought seeds from even sent me a seed temp germination
    guide. Some like warm while others germinate in cooler temps better.

  9. @mhpgardener Thanks Bobby……My wife looked back last night at my garden
    journal and it took my peppers almost 20 days to germinate last year……I
    sure hope this helps…..

  10. Oooo! I’ve been eyeballing a heated mat for my seedlings. I’ll probably
    talk myself into it. Right now I’m putting everything under the range light
    in the kitchen or under the heat lamp in the garage. Not ideal, but it does
    maintain regular temp in both cases. I wonder if you can make a raised bed
    with a Super Large Heated Mat…like the kind you put under the tile floor
    in bathrooms? Hmmm…. Always eager for another update from Tx!

  11. amish paste is a good tomato , bigger than the roma I think you’ll like
    it.. we did this year, my MIL planted she loved it too.. Diane

  12. I have a heat mat like that and I am happy with it so far. I look forward
    to seeing how the seedlings do!

  13. @gardenvespers777 It feels real good to get things going…..I water mine
    from the bottom as well…..Cherokee Purple was my new variety last year
    and it was great……

  14. Love your shop Tim! How in the world do you keep it SO neat? I’ll be showin
    the crew this video for sure. I’ll show your shop, reverse the vid, and
    show the shop again, on, and on, and on! After 10-12 hours of watchin that
    15 second shot, maybe, just maybe, it’ll sink in!! LOL! Your gettin this
    gardenin thing down, buddy! Love your videos! Why was the blonde confused
    after giving birth to twins? She couldn’t figure out who the other mother
    was. Take care Tim!

  15. I’m shopping around for heat mats too. I’m actually looking for an indoor
    small greenhouse type thing I can put up for starting seeds in and some
    indoor gardening with growlights and stuff…. By next month I should have
    what I need! Looking forward to seeing the follow-up vid on your starts!

  16. I am so excited to get started with gardening this year. I can’t wait to
    see how the heat mats work out for you! Thank you!