Riverside & Great Northern – An Engineer’s View – Pumpkin Train 2008


The Riverside &Great Northern Railway in Wisconsin Dells, WI is a 15″ gauge railway dating back to the late 1940’s. The main line is 1.5 miles long giving a …


  1. I’m sorry I have not responded sooner. This was sent to an email I don’t
    use much. Yes the view is a great one from the bridge. #82 is up and
    running this year, and she runs great!!! I run her every weekend, ands
    that’s all she wants to do is run!. #128 is sitting in the roundhouse and
    nothing has been started on that one yet. Waiting on funds. But we did #95
    in bright red and re-named #5. The Tom Thumb is now up and running this
    year. We also have a new gas speeder for the track crew.

  2. Nice shots from the cab! How much does it cost to ride in the cab? I
    haven’t been there since 1998, so I don’t know to much. The R&GN must run
    over a branch of the Milwaukee & LaCrosse, because the Canadian
    Pacific/Amtrak main was once the Milwaukee & LaCrosse too. Before being
    bought out buy the CMStP&P (aka the Milwaukee Road) Thanx fur sharin’! 4
    thumbs up!

  3. I have not been up there since 2004. The view from the new bridge looks
    great. Love seeing #98 hauling passengers. I use to run her in Wakarusa.
    Like that new passenger platform at Western Springs. Is the turntable
    longer now? Any word on work done to #82 or #128?

  4. Thanks You! I hope to be getting another shot from one of the steamers this
    year during Pumpkin Trains which starts this weekend, and every weekend in
    October. And yes your right. We are running on the old Milwaukee & LaCrosse
    right of way. Come on back out, mabe you can get a ride in the cab!