River Rock Garden Path and Garden Bed Project Update


So I have added a lot more river rock to create the pathways and have even finished one citrus tree well. The rocks around the citrus tree well are very larg…


  1. Great job! I noticed that setting up this rock garden seems very easy and
    manageable. These ideas has a great emphasis for your yard and this gonna
    be one of the most focal attraction for your residence. 

  2. I considered that rock gardens are one of the best beautiful outdoor
    structures you could ever find in your residence. I am very impressed with
    the thoughts that being provided with this video. Nice one! 

  3. I have a river rock patio.We didn’t buy the rocks,over years fond them.Even
    some from out of state(Va).I love yours too.Check out mine on FB,open to
    public.Katrina Virostek with our chihuahuas round me in profile pic.

  4. @ArizonaPublic no I didn’t for a couple reasons. One, I didn’t want to get
    caught and pay some huge fine for rocks since I would be there for a while
    since I need so many rocks…

  5. @DesertStateAgent yeah you are right, it sure does. I can see that more in
    the videos now then when I was out there. Thanks for watching :)

  6. QUESTION: Did you dig down below the yard line and then ad dirt or did you
    just put a rock border and ad the soil? – I’m in the process of doing the
    same thing and it would save me loads of time if I did not have to dig big
    holes in the hard ground.

  7. this was very fun to watch and the space looks great. I know this was done
    a year ago, but I would love to see how it looks now. I just got some river
    rocks this weekend and just wanted to see what others do w/ there’s. very

  8. @ArizonaPublic You should dig them into the ground a little just to hold
    them in place better. Me, I had to remove a truck load of 3/4″ rock, about
    2″ deep, so that there was my base. I added compost for the garden level to
    the path level; the other mounds in the yard still have the 3/4″ rock which
    I just pushed back and let fall into the river rock. Don’t break your back
    doing it as over time it will always get better. Show some vids of your

  9. @ArizonaAdventures Also, it wasn’t very much money at all and closer to
    home. Thanks for the idea though, maybe if I didn’t need so many rocks, but
    so far it’s been 2 truck loads :)

  10. Those medium sized rocks keep the mulch corralled, and protect the spots
    under them from evaporation. They also make good caps over invasive plants!

  11. Did you get the rock from the river bottom as I suggested? Hope I was some
    help. Your yard looks so much better than mine. I think you just inspired
    me to get out in the yard and get busy.

  12. @badboyorganics hey thanks man, it was a fun project. I still have to
    create one more garden bed and remove a potted citrus, but that might have
    to be a winter project…we’ll see. thanks for watching!