Raised Bed Vegetable Garden


I’ve been planning this project since the middle of winter. With soaring food prices I couldn’t have picked a better year.


  1. @gorounds30 They keep the long boards from warping out of place. They were
    warped a little to begin with.

  2. Treated wood? Are you referring to the biochar or the side wood that I
    treated with my home made natural stain?

  3. It does ok. It needs to be reapplied every other year though. If you want
    something to last longer than try something from the store.

  4. I have more vids on this garden called ‘growing garden soil’. I also made a
    vid about the stain called ‘making natural oil stain’. Check them out.

  5. stops it rotting. anyone worried about the woodstain leachin into the soil
    could line the raised bed with some gravel/crushed bricks etc at the bottom
    and line the sides with polythene sheeting? once the stain is dry it
    shouldnt be a problem though – and there are plenty of natural oils you
    could use instaid of commercial stuff

  6. you shouldn’t use treated wood, it will leak into the soil over time. Looks
    awsome though, nice and sunny!!

  7. @EarthElla Biochar is a form of slightly underdone charcoal. It acts as a
    nutrient bank so it’s good for organic gardening. I have a video on making
    natural oil stain. You should be able to find it in the related videos to
    the right. Or you can look through my vids to find it.

  8. @wrightylaaad I didn’t notice your comment months ago. Sorry about that.
    The stain is a natural oil so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s linseed oil.

  9. How do the posts in the middle of the long sections provide stability? They
    don’t appear to be pounded into the ground.

  10. What is biochar? & How did you make your own stain? That looks good. I want
    to make a raised garden too. as well as put up a small (very small) green
    house. Thank you for this vid.