Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Prep


Watch how quick and easy it can be to prepare existing raised beds for planting veggie seeds and transplants out in the garden. Forget about tilling, just gr…


  1. Seems like my gardens start to sink by the end of the year. Is it customary
    to have to add compost or soil every spring?

  2. gardenskill website sells both the fork tool in this video and a nice
    collection of raised beds. check them out

  3. My husband built me raised beds last year (we do have a wood frame). It was
    wonderful getting in a bit early, How did you do the cold frame behind you?
    I tried to build 3 cold frames this year using a wood frame, PVC, and
    plastic. Worked fairly well, till the West winds tore the plastic and
    tossed my frames…lol…I thought setting them down inside my boxed wood
    beds would be enough, I should have screwed them in…live and learn! How
    did you anchor your cold frame down?

  4. @brudi2002 – I have the same problem! I think it has to do with our grass
    types. I have warm season grass, Centipede, here in NC and it is constantly
    trying to “run” into the beds. From the video it looks like he might have a
    cool season grass like Fescue which doesn’t run or spread like the warm
    season grasses do. Great video, keep ’em coming!

  5. I live in an apartment and bought a raised bed to put on my patio what
    vegetable would be great to grow in my conditions

  6. I’ve been researching gardening for a few months now. Watching many videos
    to learn. I’m African American. I’m so glad to see others showing skills in
    this area. Your videos are very helpful to me. I can’t wait to start my
    garden soon. Thank you. What area and zone are you? What top three veggies
    would you suggest a garden shouldn’t be without?