How to Prune Basil. Harvesting Basil (Thinning, Pruning)


Organic basil will fill your garden with a beautiful aroma when it is handled, it will also fill the meals you use it in with exceptional flavor. Basil can b…


  1. @Shelley Belly…
    I couldn’t find a place to comment on my YT channel so I just placed a new
    one at the top. Thank you for viewing the videos and for commenting. I
    have had great luck with Thyme, I don’t even cover it in the winter and so
    far it has come back every year, you should do great with it! I hope you
    find all the videos useful and I’m so glad this pruning video helped with
    your pruning questions! 

  2. Great video, very informative. I’m making basil pesto tonight and I wanted
    to make sure that the basil would recover from a major harvest. I have
    noticed that there comes a time down here in South Africa where the plants
    go into full flower production and pretty much give up with producing new
    leaves. Then its time to have your last spagetti sauce with what’s left.

  3. With the cut off tops you can root them as well to propagate more basil
    plants. I just cut them off and place them in a cup of water until they
    grow roots and then plant them in the garden. I did it for the first time
    about a week ago and they are still alive . 

  4. I rescued some old basil plants from my garden that had been a bit
    neglected and brought them inside and repotted them in a nice big pot with
    good soil and they seem to be growing very slowly. I am not over watering ,
    they get lots of sun….they just seem to stay small. I love basil and am
    really frustrated with growing it . I never get those gorgeous big leaves
    and I dont know what I’m doing wrong lol. Please help!

  5. Don’t cut all the flowers off leave at least 1 so you can harvest the seeds
    or just scatter the seeds on the ground and they will regrow the next year
    ..I just planted some sweet basil from last years seeds yesterday..cant
    wait ti see them pop up

  6. Nice video, thanks!
    I always plant several basil plants, this year I have been so so busy that
    I have not had time to head them all. So a couple have gone to flower and
    seed.. Found out yesterday yellow finches LOVE them! All of a sudden I had
    8 finches, male and female devouring the seeds.. so from now on, I will let
    some go each year.. lol. 

  7. I think that you are giving wrong information. When you cut the flowers
    from the top within days they will grow back and it will continue as the
    plant is deteriorating and losing its potency and chlorophyll.
    When flowers begin to appear at the tops of basil plants it means you
    better start harvesting those plants pronto or you will lose them in no
    time. A good thing to do is “sense” if you can the peak of their growth
    and harvest just before they go to seed. You will know it is time to
    harvest by their size and robustness and the lateness of summer; in NY any
    time after mid-July your basil should be harvested or they will go to seed
    when you’re not looking.

    If you want them to keep growing, rather than cutting the flowers which
    serves no purpose I believe, you can cut a portion of the plant from the
    top and place it in water to grow roots then stick it in the ground after
    it’s rooted.

  8. You’re my new best friend!! :) I don’t have green thumbs, but I LOVE to
    cook and love using fresh herbs when I do. I re-planted my first basil
    plant today, so we’ll see how it goes. I needed to know how to prune them
    and your video explained it beautifully! I plan on watching all your
    videos and will let you know if I’m still a plant murderer :( or if your
    tips and guidelines will help me! My next attempt will be Thyme and
    Cilantro – my other favorites.

  9. Thank you for sharing this video. Answered my question about the bolting.
    Out to harvest I go! :)

  10. Id never heard before that they kept worms from tomatoes, so I bought a
    bunch of basil, however now seeing the ants on yours, are ants overly
    attracted to the basil? I will have my tomatoes right outside the kitchen
    door, on my patio, and dont want the ants to easily find their way inside

  11. Thanks for posting this video! We have started to grow basil from a
    starter plant, for our cooking and for our guinea pigs (they love it!)
    Will a basil plant survive a winter season indoors (Chicago!) if we put it
    in a 70 degree room next to a window with good light? Or should we just
    start over in the spring?

  12. I just pinch off leaves at random as I need them. Oh, and save the
    flowerets to dry for your after-season spice jar.

  13. your leaves looks so thick and awesome! mine are growing thin and a little
    wrinkly. any advice to keep them that beautiful?

  14. Quite a help! I used to garden quite a bit but then stopped when I moved to
    the city. Now I live in an apartment that has a large enough balcony that I
    can do a little bit of gardening. But unfortunately I don’t remember as
    much as I should.