How to Protect Your Garden From Heavy Rain Storms


Heavy rain storms can destroy your vegetable garden and ruin all the hard work and plants. By building a covered arch over your garden you can protect it fro…


  1. I apologize if you have addressed this question before in videos or comment
    replies, but I am trying to figure out which is better for the top covering
    of the T frames. Plastic ( if so, how thick of plastic…6mil?) or the
    garden fabric ( if so…how heavy…05, 1, 1.5 or 2.5 oz ). Are yours
    covered with the plastic? what thickness? I’m a little OCD and I want it to
    be perfect…like yours. :-) Thanks

  2. Looks like it’s working well Dave! :-) I’m chomping at the bit to get my
    new garden beds made up and get some nice covers built like you have
    here…great video. ~Wayne

  3. Frost, freezing temps have taken out my garden. Hope we will be able to see
    more of your wifes new garden soon. Thanks.

  4. The last of that storm went thru Michigan last night and early today! Wow,
    did you get the high winds?!!? They kept waking me up all night. Didn’t
    bother me, just said “Peace be still” and went back to sleep just like my
    Friend taught me. Love the gardening solutions too.

  5. I bought and really like the “Mittleider Gardening Course” book
    (paperback), the “Mittleider Gardening Library” CD, “Mittleider Micro
    Nutrient” pack and “Two way hoe”. I use all of these items and they all
    make my garden what it is today. You can find all of these at

  6. Great questions. Thanks for asking. I am not using the fabric. I use 6 mil
    greenhouse plastic. I will leave it on all year and put bird netting or sun
    shade cloth over it depending on the need.

  7. I was wondering which of the mittl. Books and/or cds you’ve purchased. The
    library dvds look great, but I’m not sure what the set of training videos
    are for. Do you?

  8. I love it, “Peace be still.” Good advice. Yes, we got high winds. Many
    areas were without power afterwards.

  9. Yes, I’m videoing the build. When completed I’m upload the video. It will
    be a few weeks because I am helping so many others with their gardens I
    hardly have time for hers and mine.

  10. Been awhile since I came to catch up and WOW. you’ve been BUSY! The garden
    is gorgeous. The top protection must be the key to surviving end of summer
    here in Tx. And NOW the rain! I too would like to know about the
    fabric.Seems like our extreme heat would increase the heat under the cover
    during summer,but it’s obvious from your garden that whatever you’re using
    is correct! Thanks for answering or referring to a specific video date so
    we can go back and see that part of your set up! Be blessed!

  11. I have built structures very similar to yours and ordered the cloth. Thank
    you for all of your help. Please know that when the voices of disdain and
    hatred turn on you it is because you have been following the One true
    voice. Jesus said the world will hate us because it hated Him first. When
    you hear those voices consider it music of the world and just tune the
    devils out.

  12. I just really really really like your videos. I’ve been sub’d to your
    channel for a couple of years now and have learned alot from you! From
    gardening to sales. Love it! Please keep up the great work!