Planting Paw Paw Fruit Trees – Food Forest Update, Wild American Fruit!!!!


Here is a quick update on some new additions to the food forest. Paw paw are an amazing fruit and i cant wait to try one for my first time. Thanks for watchi…


  1. every part of a paw paw is medicine. my mom has multiple myeloma. a cancer
    that has no known cure. her last visit to the dr.. he said her test came
    back showing no indicators for the cancer and the x-rays showed no
    advancement in bone lose. it causes holes in the bone. it also loads the
    kidneys with the calcium from the bones. then it kills the kidneys. so mom
    is on dialysis now, but so far so good for the cancer.

  2. I just purchased my pawpaw’s from Legg Creek Farm in Texas. They have
    18-24″ for $7. so I got two for now. Yesterday I planted the native
    Chickasaw plums, Wild apple and Mahpaw they sold too. Descent prices I

  3. Great that you got the trees for free. I just planted 2 pawpaws in my
    forest and I paid 20 bucks each for a four foot tree plus S&H. One tip: I
    would tie them to a stake to protect the roots from undue wind movement
    until the root system is established (about 2 years). I wish you success
    with your new trees.

  4. i sure hope so!! im hoping to go paw paw hunting this summer and see if i
    can find some wild ones growing also. im sure you have some near your cabin
    in the mountains too!! thanks for watching. eburgess . com has them for
    sale pretty cheap. i remember you saying you wanted to get some. take care
    – Aaron :)

  5. I was wondering why you were planting tropicals in your climate until I
    looked… What we call paw paw is papaya over there 😀 Hope they grow well
    for you there :)

  6. good luck competing with the raccoons, opossums, birds, etc…..your going
    to need some netting if you want any fruit.

  7. Planting fruit trees will save the world! I planted about 60 of them the
    last 2 months, bananas, papayas, mangoes, etc. I’d love to plant some
    paw-paws as well, I couldn’t find any at the nurseries though so I guess I
    need to look around for some local growers..

  8. Oikos Tree Crops dot com also has PawPaw’s at excellent prices… AND I
    dunno about your states, but here in KY our forestry division sells tree
    seedlings in bundles of 10’s and 100’s too… all different kinds…
    forestry. ky. gov/ statenurseriesandtreeseedlings/Pages/default. aspx

  9. Never tasted a pawpaw but they sure so good. Can’t wait to see the harvest.
    Do these pawpaws have any predators that you might have to shield the young
    growth from like deer or rabbits? I just planted a bunch of blueberries and
    the neighborhood rabbits decimated the new growth two weeks later. I’m
    thinking/hoping they will bounce back. I also had an apple tree die off
    from rabbits.

  10. Don’t forget to mulch the trees!, Get some mulch out of the woods around
    You! It will make the trees happy! Nice work!

  11. I hope you follow up with your success or failure. PawPaws are one of the
    few trees not recommended for digging or fall planting. They are
    recommended to be container grown because of the way they root, and for
    spring planting to time root flush with bud break. Keep us posted.

  12. I’ve never had a paw paw, isn’t that the same fruit Baloo the Bear from
    Jungle Book sang about? Looks yummy!

  13. Nice work fellas, you guys rock. I am def. going to plant Pawpaw this year
    as I heard the fruit is awesomely delicious.