Paul’s Winter Garden – Back to Eden Garden – L2Survive With Thatnub


Paul shows what he grows in his Back to Eden garden in the winter. Carrots, beats, arugula, kale, onions, cilantro and lettuce. He also talks a lot about how…


  1. So very, very thankful you’d take the time to go out there and do all this
    filming! I have watched hours of your footage (some videos more than once)
    and have been converting huge sections of my yard, following Paul’s advice
    – and yours!

    At this point, I’m thinking of just going to your channel, starting at the
    beginning and going all the way through – including reading through these
    extremely insightful comments. It’s absolutely worth the time! 

  2. God has truly blessed Paul and his ability to convey God’s gifts. I am just
    so in awe of watching his video’s, it restores the heart. I just want to
    rush to a forest floor to find wood chips and put them to good use in a
    garden and all along having faith that miracles are going to happen. Thank
    You sincerely

  3. The slugs are getting my kale :( I even have a mini green house cover over
    them because I thought it was cabbage flys n those bugs that look like
    flattened out lady bugs! Fixed that prob but now the slugs moved in.
    Getting some beer today to try that! I also still have broccoli growing!
    Yay! :) I put everything to bed for the winter except for the broccoli kale
    and Swiss chard yesterday and started some new beds back to eden style. :-)

  4. Although its summer in New Zealand, I’m already planning my winter garden.
    Thanks for the informational vids L2Survive. 

  5. Great video, as usual. In the previous video, Paul mentions that he deals
    with things like powdery mildew through pruning and letting air through the
    branches. But what about fungal diseases spread through wood and that
    affect the bark?

  6. Kale flowers taste like Broccoli because, Kale and broccoli are the exact
    same species “Brassica oleracea”, just different cultivars of that species,
    same with Cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and collard

  7. LOVE This. Thanks so much for asking the question we want answers to. I
    have Clear plastic domes over my winter veggies in zone 7A Maryland. Now
    I’m wondering if it is necessary. On really nice days I take them off for
    direct sun to get to plants, but maybe I don’t need them at all.

  8. Hi there, How cold does it get at Paul’s place. When it freezes it does not
    ruin his plants? I live in Oklahoma we get very hard freezes, snows, ice
    and such. Have wondered how a winter garden would work where I live.
    Thanks Bev

  9. I’m jealous! my garden is shutdown zone 5 with snow today and Paul still
    has fresh kale, arugula, carrots and what else???

  10. So can I plant kale right now (nov 25) my ground is frozen but my wood
    chips are not. If I drop seed is it possible I could see some in jan or feb
    Great video again