Natural Weed Killer


Natural Weed Killer.


  1. What worries me about round up is that cats and dogs when they have a bad
    stomach will chew grass and weeds and it always worries me that they might
    do that, as they do at times, so i dont use it anymore.

  2. Thanks for this. I will not use Round Up because it’s so toxic. I was
    pulling weeds the old fashioned way, the shovel and gloves and bending
    over. It killed my back. I am glad to find out that there are non-toxic
    alternatives. Work hard but the smart way ;-)

  3. I haven’t tried it on thistle. Just use the regular white distilled vinegar
    (it’s cheaper and works very well) and add 2 oz of orange oil. Be sure and
    spray in the heat of the day. It may take a couple of applications on tough
    weeds. Let us know how it works.

  4. @TurfCare11 “Without glyphosate and other herbicides, we’d never be able to
    feed 5 billion people.” That is one of the most idiotic statements I have
    heard. Glyphosate has nothing to do with that. Glyphosate is in our water
    AND food supply now. We are eating and drinking it and diseases (especially
    the cancer rate) is growing. The studies have been done and the links are
    there. You just don’t want to look at it. Those who come to this video do
    so because they want an alternative.

  5. what the heck is up with your cameraman? he starts randomly looking at the
    ground, like he forgot he was filming you.

  6. @TurfCare11 @TurfCare11 Glyphosate (RoundUp made by Monsanto) is a toxic
    substance that studies are now showing are having detrimental effects to
    the environment and our health. Horticultural vinegar is expensive (but not
    nearly as expensive as the healthcare costs we will eventually incur) but
    you can also use regular distilled vinegar with orange oil to make it more

  7. Yes, it won’t get into the soil and cause problems (as long as you are
    spraying and not pouring on the plants and into the soil). It only affects
    the plants it’s sprayed on. We now know the best solution is 10% vinegar
    (pickling vinegar) straight with 2 oz of Orange Oil per gallon. Spray in
    the heat of the day when there is no wind to prevent it from getting on
    plants you don’t want to kill.

  8. @TurfCare11 Glyphosate is a chemical and your pushing it. It’s not cheap
    either. A gallon can cost $15-$18. You tell people the truth about “this
    organic stuff”? You sound like you are a Monsanto troll. There are studies
    that show glyphosate causing birth defects in animals and is suspected of
    causing cancer in humans. It’s obvious you just don’t care about the toxic
    effects RoundUp is having on our environment.

  9. You will start seeing the effects within a couple of hours. I don’t
    recommend rototiling because it destroys soil structure and kills the soil
    biology. Check out till-free gardening. It’s always best to pull weeds
    because of the weed seeds. If you turn them under, you will still have
    seeds that will germinate. Vinegar (or any herbicide) doesn’t kill the

  10. I’m attempting to rehabilitate a large plot of land that has been overrun
    with weeds. I have no intention of relying on pernicious chemicals like
    RoundUp. I did consider purchasing a propane torch to singe the weeds, but
    this is a residential area, and I won’t run the risk of causing fire damage
    to my property. Your solution of horticultural vinegar and orange oil seems
    so simple, and much too good to be true, and I’m very excited to give this
    a try! I’ll check in later. Thank you!!!

  11. oh really i never hear of till free gardening so even if i have a large
    area you dont recommend tilling i will look into till free gardening i just
    figured you need to break the ground up somewhat and mix fertilizer in for
    prepping a new lawn thanks shawn!

  12. We moved into a newly built house that was previously on farm land. The
    weeds that come up here are ridiculous. We can literally POUR concentrated
    roundup on them and they will NOT die. Even the city can’t kill the darn
    things. Suggestions?

  13. Shawn, I’ve done all this vinegar stuff before, long before YouTube
    existed. It’s nothing new and it just isn’t very effective. If people are
    going to use something to control weeds it needs to be cheap and effective.
    That is why glyphosate is so widely used. I’m not a chemical pusher I just
    tell people the truth about this organic stuff. Glyphosate has never been
    shown to harm humans when used as directed. You are just spreading fear.
    You’d be better off telling people to stop smoking :-)

  14. hey shawn can i spray this stuff where eventually i might want to put a
    garden in? and if so how long after do i have to wait to plant a garden
    there thanks! and how long will this weed killer last?