My Miracle Leaf Aka Air Plant: Very Easy to Grow!


Very fascinated by how this plant grows and I would like to share with you guys how this plant grows just from the leaf! The flowers are absolute beautiful, especially when you have a lot of…


  1. Its also called leaf of life, grown in Africa, the islands & Asia. One of
    the reasons its not over here in NA is bc it would be exploited! Im in
    canada and have a few trees which i use when my family is sick. Its a
    beautiful plant & has many medicinal purposes-ear infections, bronchial,
    arthritis, kidney stones, cancer to name a few. As for the person who
    wanted it for nose bleeds I’m not really sure it would help. 

  2. wow! awesome plants, so cool how they just grow from a single leaf! Soon
    they’re guna take over you whole property! 😛

  3. I didn’t know that those plants look like that when they flower. Those are
    beautiful. I might have to find me some of these… Nice!

  4. Hello! You have a great channel. I could watch your gardening videos all
    day long- if only I had the time! Have you tried growing miracle fruit?
    Miracle fruit on my ‘to do’ growing list! If you are up for a horticultural
    challenge, why not try growing some teak (Tectona grandis) seeds? They’ll
    make some great bushy indoor plants if your outdoor climate is too cold. A
    source of teak seeds is Jungle Seeds (UK-based).

  5. It’s toxic to grazing animals, but in traditional medicine in other areas
    of the world use it for fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

  6. I’m a new subscriber and I have a question. Does this plant grow in
    California? Specifically in Fresno California

  7. I don’t know if I’ve had miracle fruit before. But it does intrigue me and
    I’ll just have to keep my eye out for them. Thanks for sharing an
    interesting fruit! :)

  8. this is really nice jane but this kalanchoe looks really different to mee
    never seen this variety before and after watching ur vid i’m also trying to
    grow other variety of varigated kalanchoe from leaf lets see if it works
    for me ..:) and nice video jane :))

  9. Hi, i am from california and I’ve been looking for this plant every where
    and no one knows what this plant is when I ask the nursery. What happen is
    my son have bleeding nose all the time and some of the old folks told me
    that that this plant will help stop the bleeding nose for my son. could you
    please give me some of the leaf from your plant so i can grow it and help
    stop my son bleeding nose? I would greatly appreciated!!! Please let me
    know, I will wait for your respond. Thanks alot!!!