Military Surplus Antenna Masts


Military surplus aluminum masting tubes. Each tube is 48 inches long by 1.785 inch outside diameter (inside diameter 1.57 inch), wall – 0.11 inch, and weigh …


  1. @W5KRC You need to learn how to read, . My comment is a response to the guy
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  2. Thanks for posting. I picked up a 40′ set of these at a hamfest last
    weekend for $35. Came with the bag and hardware. About two weeks ago I
    threw together a PVC 20′ mast for a little 2 meter J-pole and made a
    YouTube video of that, but I hope to use the 40′ military pole set soon.

  3. Hi Good video.. I have taken the same poles up to 40 feet. I install a
    stainless water hose clamp at the top and bottom of each stick to keep it
    from splitting. I get helpers to hold the guys as I lift the unit up
    placing one section after another on the bottom. I have heard people going
    up 50 feet but personally, I would be hesitant. I have one up at 40 feet
    that has been in place for 2 years. It has 2 sets of guys. 73, WA4AOS

  4. They are used to support Camo Netting. And if you make a guy ring and place
    in the middle you mast wouldn’t bow. We used them in the military in
    emergency situations and have had them as high as 80ft, as long as you guy
    them right and use a lightweight Antenna your all good. 73 W9MJH

  5. @sparkyrocky12131963 I’m curious. Why would it matter if a non amateur
    radio operator watching this video here the 73 at the end? 73 :)

  6. Nice. I have 12 smooth alum poles and 24 fiberglass poles. I lucked out and
    got my hands on two aluminum tripod kits that the poles fit into to make
    legs. I have one tripod kit connecting 12 of the fiberglass poles (three
    legs, 4 poles each) to bring the vector up to just under 10 feet. Then, I
    have five of my alum poles feeding through the center of the tripod section
    and that brings my height to just under 20 at 18’4″. Each section of pole
    loses 4″ where it connects.

  7. Nice video. I just put up, for portable operations, 10 each of the fiber
    glass verions of the poles you have. The height comes out to 38 feet high.
    I used a four point guy with two sets of guys. Next time I am going to use
    three sets of guys. For the price of these poles, they make great masts for
    portable or the primary station. KU3X

  8. I got mine off of ebay USPS to my front door. you lose 5 inches every
    section except the last one so you have 25 1/2 feet height not 28. I leaned
    5 sections into a 22ft evergreen bush/tree didn’t guy it had a j pole on
    top, wind came by and blew it over, Every thing survived, coax, j pole and
    mast. I was still getting into a local repeater with the j pole horizontal
    flat on the frozen grass with only 5 watt. 73 de n8zu

  9. @sparkyrocky12131963 What amazes me is that someone with an Amateur Extra
    license cannot even spell Amateur Correctly. In regards to your comment, if
    someone cannot figure out that 73 is an utterance meaning farewell, they
    can easily Google this to find out the meaning. And hopefully this may get
    them reading something else that may interest them into our great hobby. 73
    (and there is not an “s” at the end of 73. ) I have these poles as well.
    $28 shipped for a bag of 10 on Ebay, cant go wrong