Making Compost Tea in a Rain Barrel


Here’s a little video I made on how I’m brewing compost tea this year in my rain barrel with a ball valve spigot on the bottom. Left out of the video is that…


  1. Thanks to you and your Dad,My mater plants “Got a milk Moustache”,thanks
    for the tip.Keep up the good videos.

  2. So what were your results after the summer? I just hooked up my rain
    barrels this weekend and was thinking the same thing.

  3. I saaw somewhere that there is alot more stuff you can put in compost tea
    do you know of anything that might be helpful for use on pumpkins?

  4. I have a 4″ huge oxy stone, a 14″ long aquarium stone, and 4 mini stones
    that really fiz and a new hydroponics level pump with multiple air outlets
    and have so much aeration now that the entire top surface is frothy. No
    worries 😉

  5. Ok i have a questions. If you stop air flow for what ever reason ( power
    outage etc.) can you restart the air and remix your ingredients and still
    use it after 12 hours of re airing or do you have to throw the batch out
    and start fresh?

  6. I think you should give an update on this in the future -how its working
    out, growth, etc…Thanks for the video!!

  7. It’s a water pump. The problem with those is that they have to have water
    moving through them to keep cool or they’ll overheat and burn up.

  8. 2 years ago, I was having a problem with my global buckets, and used
    Praxxus’s fast compost tea. Amazing results, then I put a 1″ layer of
    compost as mulch and when it would rain.. the compost would feed the
    plants… So jealous of your garden, I haven’t even got mine in yet.
    Waiting on the weather… Going to do my version of the Alaska grow
    buckets. But can’t find the coconut bricks yet.. Still searching for them
    locally. .

  9. I usually add it directly to the soil. My mix for the tea now is the
    compost in the paint strainer bag plus: A half a jar of granny’s molasses,
    5 tablespoons of Epsom salt (I dilute it in a small jar of water first so
    that it doesn’t sink to the bottom), about a third cup of Neptune’s Harvest
    Fish Fertilizer organic, and once a week I’ll throw in any “drunken
    compost” tonic I have left over from spraying the pile.

  10. Just found your channel. Great videos! Subscribed and will be returning to
    see your garden progress throughout the summer.

  11. You could I suppose. I’ve heard from others that molasses is really good
    for compost tea though, so I’m trying that.

  12. I can’t speak to the ban you’re under, but lots of folks use store bought
    composted manure for compost tea with great results.

  13. The longer it sits without being “turned over” the more potency it will
    lose. I use up most of mine in one feeding. If I haven’t had rain in the
    week since my last feeding, I’ll add de-chlorinated water a day before I
    want to feed and then add the molasses and other items (like Epsom salt)
    etc. IF it starts to smell bad, it’s gone anaerobic and should be dumped.
    Unless you’ve put fish emulsion in there, then it’s going to smell bad
    either way 😉