Local, Organic Fall Produce Food Haul (Score!)


So for the past couple of months, I’ve been going to this local farm and have been loving their stuff! They don’t spray their produce with chemicals and also…


  1. I go one step further. I have a big garden 40 foot by 40 foot. The best
    food I’ve ever ate I grow with my own 2 hands. Love it

  2. NICE haul! thanks for this video…I’ve been even growing some of my own
    greens & tomatoes here in SW Florida for a few years now…ANY sunny spot
    you have, even if it’s only a windowsill, can grow a pot of parsley or what
    have you! YEP…eat your veggies everyone! I do buy locally whatever I
    can’t grow myself and yes, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are right on my way
    home from work so I go there too. Trader Joe’s frozen wild blueberries
    (which I eat 4-5 times each week) are awesome! Their organic raisins are
    tremendous too at $2.69 per 1 pound package! 

  3. +bananiac YAY! Another awesome vid!!*^^* YES… I try to buy local as much
    as I can. I’m sooooo abundantly blessed/lucky~in Seoul, just in my 5 min
    walk to the subway, I pass THREE mini-fruit/veg stands! If I walk just a
    bit further? Maybe…15 min away?? There is a large, locally filled market
    abundant with different vendors. It is awesome… some people just open a
    blanket with their produce for sale.

    I also love how you included that by shopping at places like Costco, we are
    supporting a plant-based lifestyle and culture. YES…always focus on the

  4. I eat mostly conventional since I still live with my mom. But when Im 18
    and have my own place I’ll definitely switch to mostly organic/veganic

  5. What’s the name of this place? I’m a college student in Boston and it’s
    been so difficult to find affordable, organic, farmers markets.

  6. Fruit in season is first preference; organic if available. Sometimes local
    produce is fresher than organic depending on time of the year.

    Enjoyed this video – You have a great channel. Thanks!

  7. Hi I have been watching your videos for a while now, and I know you have a
    lot of knowledge about health, and I was wondering if you could help me. I
    have portal vein thrombosis to my liver and portal vein hypertension. I
    don’t know if these things mean anything to you, but basically it puts a
    lot of pressure into my stomach and it makes me feel full very quickly. I
    am really trying to to do raw or raw till 4, but I am really struggling
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  8. I miss markets like this.
    Great video Tino.
    Love the beauty of great produce and the chickens were so beautiful. Some
    people where we are located right now, have chickens running around. Still
    have a cage they go into at night for protection from predators. Organic
    all the way if not then like you said talk to the farmers, some of the
    easiest people to talk with, very informative.
    I learned a lot last year about some of the local corn in Iowa when we were
    through there, fascinating.

  9. That dislike must be from jealousy. 😉 I know I was feeling a little
    jealous watching your video of that farm and your produce haul. :-)

  10. Cool farm. I don’t go full organic for now at least. I can’t get everything
    I want organic where I live. But I think that could change if there was a
    big push for whole foods.

  11. really cool! today I paid the food for 3 weeks: 67,5 €!! I live in
    portugal. here produce are very cheap, and I know some producers, that are
    organic but don’t have the stamp, most times they just give me greens!!! 

  12. Q&A question…
    What does a vegan feed to her carnivorous ‘fur child’ cat?

    I am seriously struggling with this.

  13. Nice video. I definitely prefer local, organic produce when possible. Not
    only to support local farmers, but it just tastes better. Freshly picked,
    ripe, and no shipping required. Congrats on the potato haul!