Lawn Care – Raking, Aerating & Top Dressing


Spring Lawn Care – Raking, Aerating & Top Dressing Although this small English garden in Norway is tiny, only 150 square metres, I’ve incorporated two small …


  1. That is cute. Do we have to water it every day as I don’t know how to grow
    them ? How to create an alien crop circle ?

  2. Great video mate really useful step by step guide to prducing a beautiful
    lawn, people don’t always realise the level of work thats required to
    produce a top quality lawn this has probably opened some eyes. Great job.

  3. Excellent tutorial and well briefed. buddy I am a beginner and am using
    your video as a source of inspiration. I hope you can be of help, I am soon
    about to top dress my lawn and will then be over seeding. Can you recommend
    of which one to do first? Many thanks in advance.

  4. Nice! I have noticed that top dressing comes after aeration in your case.
    Can you tell how many days should one wait for the lawn to aerate properly
    (before pouring the top dressing layer and filling those fork holes) ?

  5. Excellent video, an excellent well maintained lawn which is a credit to
    your hard work and is the perfect backdrop to your garden

  6. Great lawn. Great video. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. After looking
    at several web and video tutorials, I found yours the most captivating.
    There is hope!

  7. Thank you for this video! I am a beginner in term of lawn mowing and I came
    up with this very informative video. Keep up the good video!

  8. Thanks Joe! I’m actually a physiotherapist, so I won’t be giving up my day
    job any time soon!

  9. Love this video. Been wading through loads of web sites and videos trying
    to find a way of improving my bit of grass. Yours is by far the clearest
    and easiest to follow. No need either for expensive tools! The aerating and
    the push mower will enable me to cancel my gym membership and save money at
    the same time! Great!

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