Labor Day Update in the Chef’s Vegetable Garden


Here is an overview of what is going on in our Vegetable Garden. Lots of stuff growing. What what we do for pests. And also future plans for a Back to Edan g…



  2. Sweet the Chef’s Garden. I have been looking for something like this so I
    can learn more about cooking and preping the food I am growing at home in
    containers! Happy Gardening Marty Ware

  3. I’ve just gotten bitten by the permaculture bug too :D. I especially loved
    the “food forest” in “greening the desert” video. Permaculture is amazing:
    use less water, pests are managed better, and less work is involved. Going
    to try to attend a wicking bed class at the end of the month in Plano.

  4. My greenhouse stays over 100 every day for at least 6 to 8 hours and I
    still get fruit on my tomato plants Brandon. It may have something to do
    with soil temps since I grow in bags with soil and in buckets with
    hydroponics. Your Garden looks great my friend. Chuck

  5. Brandon, your garden looks great. My approach to pest control is similar to
    yours, though I will do some manual control from time to time.
    Congratulations on getting over 1,000 subs!

  6. After a 8 foot sewage backup in my yard,some random vine started
    growing,and it looks just like your vine,it’s pumpkin,but where did the
    seeds come from.I never bought pumpkin or it’s seeds.I thought it was a
    poison sewage weed.It’s trying to take over my yard,I chop it back some.

  7. I just ordered from Baker Creek about a month ago, but could always use
    more :) Thanks for letting us know and for all your videos!

  8. Most definitely will be doing the weed fabric again. Keep in mind not all
    weed fabric are equal. See my past video on the weed fabric, you need a
    heavy duty one. They even have some great commercial stuff for an
    investment that’s long lasting for sure. See….”How to have a Weed-Free
    Garden” watch?v=eNjirlkb3R0

  9. Love your garden. Is tomatillo pepper hot or sweet? I have one that is
    about to give fruits but I don’t know if it’s hot or sweet. I only eat
    peppers a certain way like when I do sofrito which is a Spanish seasoning
    and also cook them but won’t eat them. That pumpkin looks beautiful. I
    really enjoyed your video. Thanks

  10. For pest control::in 10 lt water put some salt,vinegar,3 onion choped
    tickly,one bulp garlic chopped side way leave for 2-3 weeks than take the
    bits out and get rid of the bits…ad some more water another 10lt and
    spray the organic garden!

  11. Garden and hens look great. Still over 100 here NE of Houston. Nothing is
    growing. My six chicks are now 3 wks old and love to play outside. I just
    placed a load of wood chips on one of my beds today, going to give the Back
    to Eden method a try too. Keep up the great work, it sure is paying off for

  12. Yes, we technically have this already in a few areas, the asparagus bed,
    and front & back flower beds, just now learning it has an official term and
    ideological behind it.

  13. You have such a beautiful garden! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate
    the “back to edan garden”. I have too been looking at this and it makes so
    much sense.

  14. That garden is beautiful!!!! I need those chickens, I would have to dress
    them up like cats or dogs not allowed in my city.

  15. Yes, Back to Eden gardening is how I do it as well as just through all my
    food scraps into trenches and cover with soil and viola, I have black
    gold… its had done wonders for our watermelons… harvested just
    yesterday a 28lb. red fleshed watermelon.. its is sooooooo good

  16. Great looking garden! I lost my squashes early this year due to squash
    bugs. its awesome that yours didn’t seem to mind. Subscribed!

  17. great video. Do you think you will continue each year with the weed fabric?
    I am considering buying a bunch for my 2014 summer gardening. We were
    overrun with huge weeds this year with all the rain we got here in NY. They
    took over my entire garden and my tomatoes ended up with sever blight and i
    have pulled them already. Also when the blight hit them so did blossom end
    rot at the same time so we did not get much from our tomatoes this year.