Kitchen Gardening – Raised Seed Bed


Soil is the important factor in farming. Its quality depends upon the nutrients and micro organisms in it. Access to quality soil for cultivation is a challe…


  1. Really childish, you require to know more about the techiniques of
    farming.. I am very happy that youth showing interest in cultivation, as it
    is an ideal practice whole over world…. that will be tomorrows
    opportunity.. good luck..

  2. You can even do this : put some dry leaves etc..a nd set fire in the pit to
    kill all bad insects etc.. and then add these leaves etc.. for 2-3 months,
    then, it’ll be 100% composted stuff than fresh leaves. But it looks good.

  3. I’m impressed by the way you people touch the cow dung with bare hands.
    Inspiring (in regard to being in touch with nature), but I would wear
    gloves at least…

  4. also, here in the US I get free horse dung in loads and I use them. and my
    flowers and vegs, grow very well. Direct Sunlight without any shade is very
    imp. for gardens.

  5. Have a pit dug, where you can dump all the kitchen wastes, dry leaves etc..
    round the year. The empty that in May June,w hen you do your vegetables.
    Even GoMuthram or cow’s piss contains high quantity of Urea and can be used
    as a manure.

  6. @baum7des7lebens7 Hi, Yea it is a general practice here in this part of the
    world. Do you know that till recently the floor of houses, yards meant for
    storing grains, or space meant for holy rituals, we uses cow dung as a
    coating to the compacted clay. Even walls of houses also gets a coating
    with cowdung which is done by hand and not with brush. But never ever try
    yourself, since we are used to it and have immunity too. But it is always
    best to use gloves. thank you