How to Kill Weeds With Propane Torch


How to Video using mini weed torch to kill weeds on patio and laneway. Kills weeds in an eco friendly way without chemicals or ground water contamination. Th…


  1. if you burn them that way, the roots close, like a forest fire does. I
    found that if you blaze over them till they wilt good the roots try to feed
    and help but the leaves just can’t suck the sunshine. its fast and one
    repeat a couple days later.

  2. Or maybe people don’t want to use Round-up and support the most evil
    corporation on the planet…Monsanto sucks!

  3. I’ll stick with vinager and a spray bottle. With my luck it would act like
    a fuse if I tried to burn those weeds and head to my house which would then
    burn down and your right. Wouldn’t need to burn any more weeds because my
    house burned down. LOL

  4. This is another example of how not to apply thermal weed control. You
    should not burn the plant away, but heat it up just enough so the cell
    walls rupture, which will eventually lead to killing the plant including
    the roots. By burning away the upper parts of the plant, you leave the
    roots intact and it will grow back in no time.

  5. Something has changed with the new Home Depot formula of Roundup and I have
    been getting damage to the fronds of my palm trees even though there is no
    overspray on the leaves. A couple weeks after spot treating weeds in the
    yard (I have a gravel yard), I notice that the older fronds are yellowing
    up. I have had a couple other people in the Palm Society report this.
    Besides, with everyone using Roundup or its generic equivalents here in FL,
    we are getting terrible issues with it in the water supply, even though it
    is supposed to break down quickly.

    I purchased a Red Dragon torch for doing this and it works great. I did
    not try and burn the weed out, just damaged the weed leaves so you could
    see a thumb print in them. Seems to be working real well. Had be be
    careful not to melt the plastic fence nor cacth the mulch on fire.

  6. Agri supply got weed killer same as roundup. Hell of a lot cheaper. 2 or 3
    oz to a gallon water. Last time I got some it was $50 for 2.5 gallons. That
    will last most homeowners forever.

  7. Guys, people who do this do not want to use harsh chemicals. Rather it’s
    due to kids/animals or surrounding vegetation like fruits and veggies.

  8. just buy a gallon of Round-up from home depot for $12 and take 5 minutes to
    spray the walk-way. The weeds will be dead within 2 days and wont come
    back. You’re probably good for a month with round up, that stuff is the