Installing Raised Beds and the Surprises!!


Raised vegetable beds, garden placement, indoor garden update and plans along with a very special and fun surprise! Take a short break from your busy day and…


  1. Energy saving light bulbs! Not over food crops! “the bulbs should not be
    left on for extended periods, particularly near someone’s head, as they
    emit poisonous materials when switched on. ” “For such carcinogenic
    substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the
    human environment.” “that several carcinogenic chemicals and toxins were
    released when the environmentally-friendly compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
    were switched on, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene. ”

  2. Wow, never expected a response, but that’s mighty kind of you. I was really
    just being silly and asking about the pineapple mostly because you said
    it’s a very common thing your viewers do. I definitely enjoyed your video
    and found it very informative. I’m a hobbyist gardener myself, but strictly
    outside only. I do however intend to start a hydroponics system soon. I
    have enjoyed garnering since helping my grandfather as a child. He was a
    pro and grew anything and everything you could imagine.

  3. @myastroflight Yes, they are and will be used over food crops. I’m not
    concerned with poisonous chemcicals being released or toxins or ewoks or
    vampire muppets. I’m a bit of a wildman in that respect. :)

  4. Now wait, you told us to bury the raised bed half way below ground to
    retain moisture and now your building your new ones on top of the ground???
    Better plan to water them daily. I built my first ones on the ground and
    it’s great in the earlier spring for drainage but when summer rolls around
    they dry out really bad. I think your older beds where just right. Whatever
    works for you I suppose.

  5. You should consider silky chicken, They like to sit on eggs even if they
    didnt lay them.They’re are good mothers.

  6. @theairforce1972 I used untreated pine. You can treat it safely with
    linseed oil to help it resist rotting and insects.

  7. Absolutely true. But sunlight is not always available so we do the best we
    can with what we have at hand or can afford. The CFL bulbs are in my
    opinion one heck of a good substitute.

  8. @Praxxus55712 Thanks for answering my question! So that works out perfectly
    in your area. I guess here in VA one would have to start in spring before
    it got into the 100s. I am looking forward to your next update!

  9. i really enjoy your videos. question….are you going to make a halloween
    video? with pumpkins and other halloween related items? hello from houston

  10. @workwithnature I just pulled a top off a pineapple and planted it. Not
    very technical but it seems to work. :)

  11. Hi again, i’m a little skeptic about the cardboard breaking down ’till next
    year…. but on the other hand i’m not a cardboard decomposer expert…. so
    we’ll see.. I’m really curious about that.. btw. a package of stuff is on
    the way… Joe from Germany

  12. Today’s episode demonstrates exactly how I plant a tomato plant. It’s
    called “Planting the tomato plants”. :)

  13. The raised beds are a year long process, not a one episode event. The
    concept of my channel is a journey where we do things a little at a time
    and don’t rush it. If I were to publish a video dedicated solely to
    installing a raised bed I would easily get complaints from others about how
    much time I dragged on about nothing but a raised bed. I really have no way
    to win in this situation so I just do what makes me happy. :) ps: Sorry you
    found it insufficient.

  14. @EPRVa62 Welp hatchery has them listed in the rare section of their
    website. Careful to order them only in spring and late summer. They ship
    from Arizona and lots of the shipments dies this year from the heat wave.
    It was like a masacre. Extremely disturbing.

  15. When using artificial lighting as the sole lighting source I believe there
    is no economical justification if you are growing for monetary savings. The
    benefit comes from the enjoyment, relaxation, hobby aspect. I get so much
    from growing indoors but none of it is financial savings or gain.