Indoor Vegetable Garden Experiment


This is my attempt to grow vegetables indoor during the winter. All the seeds I am growing are heirlooms.


  1. the fan is fine…The constant wind created will make the plant stalks that
    much stronger, also will aid in pollination later๏ปฟ

  2. What’s up, buddy! I’m also trying my first indoor vegetable garden…
    You’re going to definitely need some higher wattage lights – which is
    essential for fruit, and perhaps a Metal Halide – essential for effective
    vegetative growth. Both are relatively cheap, but require a moderate amount
    of electricity usage. I will say this: Those plants will germinate and
    produce vegetative growth, but will likely produce little in the way of
    actual vegetables. Cont’d..

  3. Wow, bring those lights down, indeed !! They should be 1-2 inches from the
    tops of those poor plants that are stretching to get to those lights.

  4. hey tom, nice set up, im sure you’ll be growin good veggies from ur set up,
    i would recommend putting those ballasts on chains and lowering the lights
    down closer to the plants about 6-8″ from the top of the plants, also i
    think ur fan is blowing to fast on them, you might wanna turn the speed
    down or move the fan further away, those flourescents dont give off that
    much heat and unless its real hot in the room the main purpose of the fan
    is just to circulate some air. good luck bro

  5. @check2wice yeah I quit using the fan after a few weeks. The plants still
    grew fine. I just used a toothbrush to pollinate the flower.

  6. @fatturdburger – The fan helps blow fresh carbon Dioxide across the leaves
    < Reference Hydoponics or other “grow op” video and they will tell you everytime…

  7. Hi, just wanted to say that you have the lights located too far from the
    plants. Since you are using flo. lights they should be about 4 inches above
    the plants so the plants don’t get too leggy and stay strong.

  8. have a look at mr green, how to grow green. he’ll show you how to set up a
    proper grow room dosen’t matter what your growing, like the gentleman below
    said, there are basic rules of thumb for indoor growing. you will need a
    600w high pressure sodium which will provide you with the much needed heat
    in winter. also some extraction. preferably run through a room thermostat
    so you can set the temperature.. good luck, any questions feel free to ask

  9. I guess if you give good stuff to your plant the electrical bill won’t
    matter because you will be getting better food than at the super store! oh
    and when gardening experimenting is the best way to learn! =)

  10. @zcrazyhorse4me They did well then even better when I moved them outside in
    the spring. The tomatoes were ready to harvest at the end of May which is
    real early here in PA. I plan to do it again in March to get a head start
    for next years garden.

  11. OK, I’m hooked. I had to subscribe so I can watch your progress. Good luck!
    Keep the updates coming! 5 stars.

  12. agree to maybe lower the fan..its purpose it to help pollinate and imitate
    nature and air flow. Regarding the light set up the gro lights are designed
    for indoor growth and have both the correct balance of red and blue to
    promote flowering and fruit/vegetable production…I think your set up is
    great and as the other post said you need the hid they will raise your
    energy bill a ehole lot more and give up more heat too…your doing best
    with the lights you have ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Great Job for even trying in a basement! Just a suggestion other than what
    everyone else said (to put your lights closer… ๐Ÿ˜‰ if you find the stem
    leggy as the plant grows, don’t be afraid to repot it more than once into
    gradually larger containers and when you do, bury as much of the stem that
    you can that is leggy (skinny) It will make your plant stronger and the
    stem unser the soil will produce new roots. I’m fairly new…but it worked
    for me! Cheers