Here is the fastest growing hardword in the world! – The Hybrid Super Tree! It grows back from the stump within 12 months. Fireproof, waterproof timber. • ID…


  1. This is unbelievable.Still i am including it in an official document of the
    forest department in Kerala.

  2. the tree might grow fast but the guy in video is seriously overestimating
    its value – tree in video might be worth $1000 but I doubt it.

  3. bear in mind that seedlings are babier and must be treated as such. grow
    them inside a glasshouse or other structure to keep them safe from bugs and
    small animals. Once they are about 1-2 feet tall plant them in the ground
    with chicken wire around them, an prune any side shoots to encourage height
    rather than girth.

  4. Next time don’t use crickets and wood cracking for sound. It muffled you
    out!! Like this tree. ; ). Indiana, USA

  5. Thank you for advice and help! Is it really necessary to water them a lot,
    for first 2 years? I have heard that is really important to water paulownia
    seedlings for first 1-2- years, or they wont grow? Is that true?

  6. Logged Kiri Tree lumber of this age is used to build sustainable housing in
    local communities and can also be utilized for the production of pulp and
    paper products. Amazing tree.

  7. And what if you change your mind about wanting this tree? Will Stump
    remover work as well on it as it does as rocket fuel because of it’s
    potassium nitrate?

  8. well said. I have bought my self some seeds of paulownia, because I didn’t
    had money for hybrid seedlings, which are much better. I plan to plant it
    this year. I planted seeds 2 weeks ago, and now it is about 1 cm tall. I
    hope this works…

  9. Youve totally missed the point probably because your smoking too much hemp.
    The idea isn’t to grow a ‘forest’ as you call it, if that was the case Im
    sure he’d grow native species of course. This is an idea for plantation
    timber. Its a crop being grown to harvest, toward satisfying the world’s
    ever growing insatiable desire for timber.

  10. Thanks – incredible! I did a random search for fastest growing tree for a
    gardening/art project I’m envisioning and this is IDEAL! Seriously, thanks
    for sharing your knowledge.

  11. Depends on your location and generral rain levels and your soil type. They
    need plenty in the first year – but dont over water. Water plenty so the
    soil is well soaked to about 150mm, 6 inches, then allow to thoroughly dry
    out. light watering will cause roots to only go to shallow depths which
    will limit the height of the tree. Worse, the tree will fall over in high
    winds as it gets taller. Encourage deep roots (and thus height,) by very
    heavy watering, then allow to dry well.

  12. Buy cuttings. I planted 10 of these trees. Extremely fast growing! Wood of
    caution – Roots are a pain. Careful where you plant them. Plant about 2-3′
    below ground level and fill with dirt over the years will help to keep them
    from blowing over.

  13. How does the wood flavour meats when smoked? how about charred and used to
    make whisky? I’m sure you know someone in NZ that can help with the last

  14. For those who might be interested, the genus is Paulownia probably the
    Elongata species which are native to Asia. Everything this gent says is
    true. The timber is good for everything from building construction to
    furniture and the thinnings are good for biofuels, mulch and particle
    boards etc. Happy Farming!!