Home Food Production With DIY Small Scale Aquaculture 11/1/2013 – Vid #16


Home-built fish farm capable of producing 2000 pounds of Tilapia per year.


  1. HI…i am a fun of your videos, and i hope to build a system like this one
    day…on your video you said you were pulling your hair out because it kept
    malfunctioning, after you figure it out it was due to inconsistent water
    level….what is the name of the valve you installed to solve the problem??

  2. How much would you say one would have to invest to implement a 4 tank
    system? We raise or hunt 80-85% of our food now on our homestead and want
    to add fish to our diet. Also, what is the odor level for a system such
    as yours. We ask because we would attach this system to a room that is
    adjacent to our food preserving/canning commercial grade kitchen. Thanks

  3. How many fish make it to harvest time with this process with presumption of
    the filter work as planned?.

  4. not sure what is outside but you could use that drain line to feed a small
    Aquaponics green house. Seems a shame to waste all that good fish poo 😉
    Local dinners could do a one stop shop veggies and fish all in one place.

  5. Roughly how big is this room? 12×20′ or so? I’m planning to build a room
    similar to this in my barn once I get it up, a room dedicated to fish
    rearing like this. This setup is just so impressive.

  6. Looks like you have a neat system. I just bought 4 tanks off of Andrew M
    Meyer for personal use he told me about you and said you are just down the
    street from me I live in Thornville. I would love to come visit and talk

  7. Great looking RAS basement system.. 10 IBCs, 100 tilapia per tank so that’s
    nearly 500kg/1000lb of fish.. :O
    Makes our planed system look like child’s play :/

  8. do you have a backup power supply in case of power failure…. i lost 1000
    kgs fish in 25mins once and learnt my lesson quick… i now have a 12 volt
    backup air pump…

  9. I would love to pick your brain on many items here. I used to have a HUGE
    fish farm, and wanted a redesign. Send me a message if that would be
    possible. Btw…you sound like Ron Swanson from the Show: Parks and
    Recreation – LOL!!!

  10. Awesome. truely lawsome. A word of warning to everyone, those barrells
    will blow appart at a fairly low preasure. I had one blow up on me at less
    than 10psi.

  11. This is super cool, I love it! I was wondering how you were coming along
    with your room…I’m excited and I DIDN’T spill anything on my keyboard!
    Thanks for the warning! :-)