Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget


I am a budget decorator and even more so during the holidays! Most of my decorations are actually from THE DOLLAR STORE! You don’t have to spend a lot of mon…


  1. @ 3:47 I don’t think “Ghetto” is a good discription because you purchased
    your ornaments from the Dollar Store. I think your tree looks really nice
    but, you made me cringe on the discription …wow.

  2. My tree is also $ store decorated. I scrubbed some pine cones to use,
    too. To me it’s beautiful. I am older and have more resources than you
    (most likely) I still would go to the $ store first to find what I want.
    It’s good business.

  3. Love the video! As far as using “ghetto” it’s your channel and a free
    country therefore you may do as you please! Say what you want, it’s your
    channel, someone’s always got something to say on YouTube. Love it tsmfs!

  4. Please do not belittle parts of your house…..There are many people who
    would love to have a house like yours…..I think your rec room is
    great…Could it be better?..Yes. Does it look fine, even
    nice?…Yes…..Very nice….
    Something that would make a world of difference?? A coat or 2 of
    paint….Have a great day hon…:D

  5. Beautious!!! So, my favorite part of this video was something you didn’t
    talk about but I saw on your banister…a zip tie to hold your garland in
    place!! Brilliant. I need to get my Christmas Home Decor video filmed.
    I’m like you…keepin’ it simple. xo!

  6. Where did you get the things you use to hold the stockings on your mantel?
    I am looking for one and don’t know where to look or even know what it is
    called. Is there a place where I can find it for cheap? Anyone can
    answer… and would be better if its a place I can purchase in Canada.
    Thanks :)

  7. Great ideas! It’s amazing what you can do with Dollar Tree finds and some
    creativity. I have a budget friendly Christmas décor video on my channel.
    I plan to put up one or two more next week. I’d love it if you checked them
    out sometime soon :).

  8. Ive gone to two dollar stores in my area and those are nice dollar
    decorations the decorations that i’ve seen are soo choncy and just look
    like crap and make our house look like it also. lol. I guess i’ll have to
    keep looking

  9. Less is more! Looks great to me. And I love your tree upstairs. I have
    done ours in white & gold for years. Its clean looking to me. I don’t
    need more clutter at holidays with all the other stuff going on.

  10. Your house looks very festive. You have excellent taste by the way. I like
    what you’ve done in your house

  11. Super cute! And you’re so right, Christmas is about the kids not all about
    having the house looks all beautiful and foo foo! sometimes we forget that!
    I did a video of some decor I did this year : ) it’s our first Christmas in
    our home : D