Growing Venus Fly Trap’s Hydroponicaly


So I was told that venus fly traps won’t grow in a hydro system, i was told if the get fed normal nutrients they will die. But I have one thriving in my garden system. So what i read online…


  1. to be honest your plant doesnt look well, is it still living ? I grow them
    in England on the East coast out doors all year around, some of the traps
    this year were approximately 1 and a quarter inches.

  2. I love playing with different plants. my new or direction is aquaponics. I
    am just completing a 25ft x 25ft outdoor four season green house with about
    4000 gallons of water tanks in it. it will be interesting to be able to
    grow so many diverse plants fish reptiles all in one climate controlled

  3. I was wanting to grow mine hydroponically. you say 800 ppm and 7 pH? what
    kind of nutrient did you use and do you have any hints. i have all i need
    so if theirs anything you didn’t use that you would like to please let me
    know. i work in a hydroponics shop so i have all the necessary additives at
    my expense.

  4. One person learns as they go! I have had this hobby of growing carnivorous
    plants for over 50 years and in those years I have a lot of ups and downs
    but the last 15 years have nailed it! I grow all my plants in terrariums
    and have the thriving plants to back it up!

  5. @littleboysez I just pop open the plastic top and add a bug. The hydro is
    just like the swamps they live in so you dont have to take it away. I do
    feed mine nutrients in the 1500 ppm plus range which most people would say
    is way to much but they grow very well.

  6. awesome video! Do you have an updated video of the plant? I’d like to see
    how well it did if you let it go a year in your system. Also, did you start
    if from a seed?

  7. daneleggo you dont need a light if your in a sunny climate but if you arent
    you should use florecent light on your plant for about 14 hours in a day at

  8. @littleboysez Sorry it took so long to get back to you missed the comment.
    You need to keep it in its normal growing media what ever that is and just
    feed it bugs as well if you like. but you dont need to feed it bugs if the
    water has food in it.