Growing Herbs Using Aquaponics: Chives


Growing Herbs Using Aquaponics: Chives with Bright Agrotech’s Nate Storey. In this video Nate explains why growing herbs like chives in your aquaponic system…


  1. Hi Nate,
    Kudos on your most recent webinar about CSA! Some root plants don’t do
    well in a strictly aquaponics system. Can wicking beds run within an
    aquaponics closed-loop system? Thanks

  2. Thankyou for your video. I just removed some baby carrots from my aquaponic
    system that I was growing for the pets. I now have room and I think I will
    try some chives. Also Thankyou for the tip on planting them close together.

  3. We’ve specially designed it to have a high void ratio to avoid clogs, yet
    filter out solids from our fish.

  4. Hey Timothy! The grow medium we use is actually our patented matrix media
    we’ve developed from recycled plastic bottles. You can find out more about
    it at our website (see description). We’ll be going into more details on
    the media in a subsequent video. For now, I’ll tell you the media has some
    massive biological surface area and high percolation (which maximizes
    performance in aquaponic systems) AND red worms can be integrated in for
    even greater yields! Did I mention they’re reusable!

  5. holy cow, that chive tower looks like a tree with the “trunk” in the
    background, i was trying to figure out what kind of TREE you were growing
    until you moved the tower.

  6. Regarding the draining system: In our new greenhouse, we keep our fish and
    towers separate as to make it easier to tend and harvest our crops on the
    ground. Our towers drain into a guttering system on the floor and flow
    into our sump tank to be recirculated back to our fish tanks. Thanks for
    your questions! Check out our other videos for more on our sump tanks!

  7. How does your tower media keep from clogging? I like the idea of buying
    just the media and crafting my own tower.