Green Garden TIPS – How to Set Up Plastic Weed Barriers


Patrick – The Green Gardener shows you how to set up your garden using black plastic weed barriers to protect your vegetables from being overgrown with weeds…


  1. Glad to see you making garden videos again. Looking forward to upcoming
    posts. How did your carrots in a bucket work out for you? Seemed like a
    great idea.

  2. @BETSWITHFIST I fed the mini horse we had for a month with them… you
    know… a few a day like we do with a chocolate bar right after lunch?

  3. I have been using the DeWitt’s Landscape Fabric for the last 4 seasons and
    it should last for up to 15 years. Just look it up by name. Because it’s
    woven…it sheds if you cut it up… but that’s just something I live with
    and isn’t really that big of a problem.

  4. Hi Patrick. How do you keep the weeds/grass from growing in the areas where
    there is no black plastic? We have so much trouble with the weeds/grass
    that the veggies are struggling and being choked out. Thanks for the video.

  5. An EXCELLENT idea! The roll you are talking about is exactly what I was
    using. I purchased it at Home Depot. Thank you so much for the helpful

  6. Great video! I just don’t think that the plastic keeps the heat off of the
    roots because black plastic actually attracts heat, just sayin…

  7. @MrVegetableGarden You are correct, I was referring to the direct sunlight,
    that we have here in the Sacramento Valley that tops 100 to 110 degrees in
    the summer.

  8. Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention we get our water from flood
    irrigation that brings many weed seeds. We may try to get it setup where it
    goes through a flexible tube like a small fire hose to water only the
    furrows with the black weed barrier/plants in them. We’ll keep on trying.

  9. Thank You, I am pretty limited with a 50ft by 80ft fully fenced and
    enclosed garden that I can only get my hand tiller through the gate. Sounds
    like you have a pretty good system that works well for you. How large is
    your garden?

  10. Good video Patrick.I use my home made row builder to cover the plastic on
    the edges and I have a wide adjustable spade in the middle of it to form
    the water trough in the middle,saves all that rake work.I have a 1968 John
    Deere 110 garden tractor with hydraulic lift,great time saver and makes it
    much easier.Looking forward to more of your videos.

  11. Hey Patrick,Enjoyed videos.Great use of the plastic barrier.Take a hand
    held propane torch and burn your holes into it.That will melt the plastic
    and keep it from unraveling.Here’s some info.on the type I am talking
    about..Its $41.95 for 330ft.long and 3ft wide..Google Agri Supply.Item
    #57380. I do not know what you pay but this might be a better deal for

  12. love the videos , very informative but the music in the background is
    distracting. is someone listening to headphones or something lol

  13. @rexerest THANK YOU! I have round holes on the upper sides where the plants
    go and slits along the bottom for the water to seep through to the roots.

  14. Make sure your plastic barrier is at least 3 feet wide. Cut holes in it
    when you plant your young seedling and only large enough for it’s stalk to
    grow and cut just a few slits alone the bottom of the furrow so water can
    seep through. Outside of the barrier DO NOT WATER. I use my tiller as a
    weeder as well just adjust your depth stake so the tine just cut the weed
    tops off. It makes weeding the garden much faster. Good Luck!