Great Herbs! How to Seed Start Rosemary Indoors: Start Early! – MFG 2014


You can start rosemary indoors 10-12 weeks before it could go outside. A lot of herbs can be started quite early indoors as they are slow to germinate and gr…


  1. thank you for your reply and sorry to bother you, today its 20 january, ive
    planted the rosemary seeds on 5 january ,so its been 15 days and still
    nothing. So i dig up slowly in those 4 peat pellets to see any sign and
    still nothing. :( There must something wrong with the seeds even if on the
    package it says : CLOSED 2013 , EXP 11.2017.I can take a photo of the seeds
    pack or of the peat pellet but i dont think this will be relevant. So i
    planted again some seeds on the same pellets (3 in each) today. I also
    planted some rosemary seeds on 16 january in a pot directly in soil.
    Tomorrow i will search for another shop to buy again rosemary seeds, but a
    different brand and more recently packed. I will keep trying for rosemary.
    In the meantime , waiting for the red red and green,russian tarragon and
    coriander to germinate. Tonight i will plant the oregano seeds and tomorrow
    the chamomilla.

  2. wow ! you are serious ? 14-21 days to germinate ? and i planted the seeds 5
    days ago and i thought those are dead ..By the way, i planted 3 seeds in
    each peat pellet (those things at your window). If this germinates so slow
    then i think planting seeds at different intervals :)
    Liked and subscribed from Romania! Thank you ! By the way any more
    tutorials for aromatic plants such as tarragon, sage , etc ? And maybe in
    time some tutorials how to clone apartment plants ? Thank you.

  3. hi gary … please welcome … i would like to ask you about periods of
    watering these seeds thyme , rosemary and oregano indoors