Gardening Tip for Living in the Desert During Extreme Heat


It’s getting warm here in Arizona with the temps already hitting 110+ in some locations. It’s a different world out here in the desert and there are a few th…


  1. sounds like it would work real well being that deep, but yeah the wind sux
    huh :) check out my old video from when I put up a little frame for our
    smaller raised bed and let me know what you think… search my channel for
    this title: “COLD FRAME – Our raised garden bed frost cloth frame – Part 1
    of 2 – Arizona winter garden”

  2. in memphios thats how I heated up the water in my pool. I had a 150ft of
    black hose and had it around the concrete pool deck. then when the water
    inside was hot I would turn the hose on at a trickle and it would run hot
    all day. no pool heater needed…

  3. i am going to make a rain barrel out of a blue brute trash can i have,
    hopefully the water will stay nice and cool in that ;)-

  4. I hear ya bout the hot water in the hose, so when I use the hose, I just
    wet the porch, or settle the dirt before I water anything! Thanks for the
    reminder! Peace Out~ยค~

  5. Good points! We don’t have underground sprinklers, consequently I must
    remember to either pickup our hoses everyday or else move them because the
    sun will heat the water in the hoses lying on top of the grass browning the
    grass, eventually killing the grass below the length of hose.

  6. very cool! I love when people harvest water and it’s gonna be better than
    nothing, but you should try to find a food grade barrel though man as the
    trash cans will leach toxins into your water from what I’ve read as well as
    deform in the sun if your in this Arizona weather. I see some good pre-made
    barrels on craigslist a lot for not much more than a new trash can from
    time to time. let me know how it goes whatever you end of doing :)

  7. Good vid! I don’t know that I wouldn’t construct some cheap frames over my
    plants out there and attach shade cloth, just to the top, to give the
    plants a little breather from the mid-day sun. They would still get light
    and it might help on watering too. I might sink 4 1/2″ rebar sticks around
    a bed and slide metal electrical conduit over them, 90 deg. elbows off to
    the other pipes and ziptie the shade cloth to ’em. Then again, maybe it’s
    too windy there, but it might help a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. sounds like you read my description LOL yeah you’ll steam your roots with
    watering during the high heat for sure. Water deep and infrequent and water
    before sunrise.

  9. My only reasoning for the conduit was the fear that the PVC would be so
    light it would really be prone to taking flight. I sink 1/2″ rebar 2′ in
    the ground and leave 2′ sticking up (4′ length bars) and just slide the
    1/2″ conduit over it. You could get some Krylon and spray paint the conduit
    white, but if you have the PVC anchored, I bet it would work. Just a little
    bit of shade though, through the hottest part of the day might make a BIG
    difference ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I’ll take a little of the heat here in Boston 53 degrees and rainning. I’ll
    send you the rain and cool weather

  11. for sure! strange how the blue rain barrels don’t heat up the water huh, I
    was very surprised by how cold the water was in the barrels since they get
    full sun the entire day and it’s been well over a 100 for weeks! thanks for

  12. thanks man! yea that’s a good idea to wet something down first and get to
    that colder deeper water and my house always seems to be covered in dust
    from all the wind anyway lol

  13. Actually, no. We use impulse sprinklers and because of that we try to water
    as you do … in the mornings or late afternoons so that the sun doesn’t
    “fry” the leaves of the grass or any of our surrounding shrubbery, too. We
    have bluegrass, 4 Colorado Blue Spruce trees, about 250-ft of Russian Olive
    trees, Bridal Bushes, Queen Maple trees, and honeysuckle vines covering
    20-ft of 6-ft chain link adjacent to the patio. Typical Midwestern yard.
    Too much work when it’s 90+deg out all the time, ha!

  14. thank you! and you’re right on the money with the thought of a shade
    structure. I’ve got one going that uses landscape wire attached to the wall
    and use those heavy duty metal hand clamps. The wind really whips it though
    like you said, but after it blowing down 3 times I think I’ve got it in
    place. Careful of the metal conduit though as it will get scorching hot,
    maybe painted pvc?

  15. I heard from an old timer that i f you water your plants in full sun youll
    cook the roots also. Said it wa better to water early morning or at night.
    What do you think?