Gardening in the Phoenix Desert HEAT! Vegetable and Tobacco Beds and Laying Hens!


This is my partially shaded vegetable garden growing green in the hot desert sun. And beside it are my tobacco beds. My 3 hens give me the high nitrogen orga…


  1. I subscribed to your channel in hopes to learn a few tricks from you on
    Garden in the great state of Arizona. I am planning on moving out to Mesa
    at the end of the summer at least that is the plan. I am in Texas so will
    have to learn to adjust to the surroundings there. Thanks for the Video.

  2. Part 1 If it’s germinated and you can see any life(green) it needs light
    asap. Depending where you live, give them indirect sun light for a week or
    so so til hardened off to the new environment. Then expose them to the
    final grow area for small amounts of time til they can handle that area
    without getting baked. I’m in Phoenix and full sun all day here is brutal
    in summer. Mine get afternoon partial shade. They still wilt a little at
    high noon but recover after shade comes around.

  3. Also don’t forget them in the sun when they are little. Watch them close
    til they are bigger and have a better root system to draw moisture with.
    Good Luck

  4. So far my best production is in the Fall as well, I’m hoping my tomatos and
    peppers make it through this winter into spring. working on a short term
    shade bed now loosely based on your setup. Have a great Christmas!

  5. Hi there, don’t give up on the garden. I found that the the key is shade!
    Before I had the shade structure I lost most everything too. When I read
    the seed packets from the store and it says full sun, that’s for the rest
    of the world but here in Phoenix I found it means partial shade. Thanks for
    the nice words about the garden.

  6. Thanks GHumpty. Yes I do remove the lattices when it cools down(all except
    the top because it’s too difficult to get up there without compromising the
    structure as it’s a bit wobbly). Little pug can walk into the walkway but
    is too short to get up over the stacked 2X12’s. At 24 inches tall I would
    think most dogs would avoid jumping up into it. Especially when it is full
    of vegetation. So far my best pepper and tomato production has been fall.
    I’ll see how well this upcoming spring goes.

  7. I got a question here. my tobacco plant are already germinate to the point
    where the two small leaves are folded not spread out yet, do I leave it in
    the dark or put it in the sun now ?

  8. Your garden is fantastic, I love the simple compact design. I never occured
    to me to use that aproach, I live in Bullhead City AZ and my peppers get
    blasted in the summer and I lose my tomato’s. Do you remove the shade
    lattace screens in the fall and do you have problems with pets trying toget
    into your garden?

  9. I was able to get most of my peppers through the winter by stapling clear
    plastic over and around the shade frame that worked like a green house. It
    actually would get too hot in full sun so I had to cut vent holes with
    flaps to allow hot air to escape in the day then close it up at night with
    the flaps. I didn’t have any tomatoes at that time. Some of my pepper
    plants are over two years old now. Good luck with the shaded bed and you
    have an awesome Christmas too!