Gardening at Our Mountain Homestead


We are slowly putting together a sustainable homestead at our property in North Georgia. In this video I show some of the vegetables I am growing. Peppers, t…


  1. Are those roads plowed in the winter for ya, I’d hate to see ya’ll get
    stuck in there! What about during the rains, does it flood anywhere near
    ya’ll? It’s a beautiful place! For the azalea’s I think they need to have
    some acid soil ammended in there..I’ve heard they love acid soils and if
    you’ve got clay up there, welll…..maybe that’s what it needs? I can’t
    grow them out here in this heat . I lived in NJ for a year when I was a
    kid and that
    stepfather had a home in 40 acres of woods near Lake Mohawk/Sparta
    township. We had a huge 30ft pond with ducks and muskrats and all kinds of
    cool stuff too. Big boulders/rocks sticking out of the ground and I’d
    climb up them and pretend I was Christopher Columbus discovering a New
    World, lol. Ahhhh childhood and the goofy things we did when left to our
    own devices for amusement.

  2. I cant believe I’ve never watched your homestead videos before, Paula! Bet
    you can’t wait til you can move there full time. 

  3. nice place.
    as far as renting the spot of land for a gardener…….wouldnt ya have to
    do alot of chopping trees to clear it beter,wouldnt that ruin the feel of
    the land? its a good idea,make a few $ while the land sits there.
    thanx for sharin,

  4. What a beautiful property ! You are going to have so much fun gardening
    there !! :) 

  5. What a beautiful place to retire to it looks so peaceful and also looks
    like you have plenty of private hiking places hope you don’t change your

  6. Feel for you with that clay soil. I understand Blueberries need slightly
    acidic soil. have you tested it and fertilized them? That lemon balm mixed
    with the Chamomile flowers should make a very relaxing tea. I grow my own
    chamomile and it beats store bought hands down! I added Lemon Balm this
    year. Envy you for the Banana peppers. I haven’t been able to find seeds
    here. Looking for Poblano as well. I think they are the type traditionally
    used for Chile Releno. Thanks for the look around. I’ve been wondering how
    the place was doing.

  7. It must be hard to leave it’s such a beautiful property. I hope Rocky is
    doing well. I think you said at one time you can’t grow squash because of
    the vine borer . I learned something interesting yesterday watching the
    Victory Garden program. They said to plant Butternut Squash evidently they
    are in a different family and immune to the borer. 

  8. Wow, what a great place to have out in the woods. I love your dedication to
    keep up 2 gardens in 2 states that is a true gardener. Thanks for sharing
    your life and glad that you had a great time with your son.

  9. That is a really beautiful place you have there. I hope you have many
    happy years in it.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  10. Very nice homestead. My soil is the same here red clay and rock I find a
    little bit of lime in the soil makes a big difference for my blue berries
    plus they get my left over coffee. When you go back in three weeks if its
    after June first you can swing by the Cobathon on your way its only 2 hours
    out of your way lol 

  11. What a beautiful place to retire to it looks so peaceful and also looks
    like you have plenty of private hiking places hope you don’t change your

  12. Looks so nice and relaxing. Rain is nice sometimes. That spot does look
    nice and sunny, hopefully, you can rent it.

  13. That place is so peaceful looking when its raining Paula. Time to sit on
    the porch with a hot cup of coffee. The pepper looks very happy there!

  14. Paula: Beautiful place. We just got home from our cottage and we will be
    glad when we can move there after my bride retires next February. Bernard

  15. Looks very nice there, Paula! Like the trees. :)
    Hope Rocky is doing well, but I belive he`s missing you. Lol..

    All the best,

  16. Wowzers !! What a beautiful mountain home !! How far is it from your
    Florida home ?? Did I hear you say you’ve bought the property opposite ??