The Gardening ADDICT!


I confess, I am an addict and I don’t see me kicking my habit any time soon. Gardening is addictive, so beware. It all starts with that first seed. You think…


  1. Oh the DRAMA!! I share your addiction +Gardening With Puppies I just cant
    shake it. So tell me… who is your hooded hookup? Was the “product” worth
    the wait?

  2. Paula: Merry Christmas to you both. So Sad! I can talk you though this. You
    do not need intervention. Slowly open the package and gently take the seeds
    and place them in the soil. Carefully water them and then you will need to
    relax and eat a lot of cookies until they come up. It will help you in the
    future to kick this horrible habit by buying a larger quantity from your
    supplier so you don’t have to get the cold sweats waiting for this shady
    character to visit your neighborhood to bring you your next fix. Eventually
    your neighbors might catch on and start peeking over your fence again!
    There is no charge this time for this advice, but you need to get hold of
    yourself before you have things growing all over your property. That would
    be horrible and people would demand that you make videos of what you have
    done to your yard. Happy New Year! Bernard

  3. was sent by bob rob and with a channel Gardening With Puppies I thought
    perhaps somebody was walking one or two of your pups and you was looking
    for there return 😀 but seeds are just as good an addiction don’t stop :)
    Merry Christmas 

  4. LOL! Paula don’t show what you purchase from the seed pusher. Wait until
    you get in the house at least! Good grief! 

  5. Hahaha! That was so funny my dear friend!!! That’s one addiction I don’t
    want to cure, ever! Merry Christmas to you and all the ones you love xox

  6. I don’t know quite what to say, lol! Paula, you’re an actress and a
    half…and so brave to leave it all out there for the whole world to see
    (am still chuckling)! If any consolation, you’re not alone by a long
    shot…oh, the times I’ve stormed the post office to see if plants or seeds
    had arrived, only to leave totally dejected when they had not. :( What we
    go through to get our veggies is sometimes…hilarious, but they are so
    worth it! Your channel is kinda’ like Forrest Gump’s box a’ chocolates.
    You never know…what the topic might be! I love your channel, and Happy
    New Year! Gretchen

  7. LOL, I might be sitting beside you at the next meeting.
    Happy Christmas, I hope it’s all y’all wish it to be.

  8. I love this Paula, just can’t help ourselves, lol! I am itching to dig in
    the dirt myself, cabin fever already. Hugs to you sweetie, xxx

  9. I know Exactly how you feel! Just went thru a crisis myself and planted a
    red onion and a couple of sweet potatoes to sprout shoots for the spring in
    my window! LOL

  10. you crack me up ! we need millions more like you, mug shot coveralls ,straw
    hat and potato rake in picture ! busted . one seed is all it takes so true
    . thanks for sharing vernon

  11. Lol very good. I went out shopping for a file Friday and come home with 5
    packs of seed… What can I say 😉
    Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year.

  12. LOL. That was great. I’m not a seed addict but a transplant addict. I
    only have 4 nice sized raised beds. But when our local nursery puts out
    vegetable transplants, I go nuts. Bell peppers, why yes thank you, I’ll
    take a 4 pack in red, yellow, orange, chocolate, look Cubanelle peppers!
    Tomatoes, ohhh, Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, Sweet 100’s. LOOK!!!!
    Melons: Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Sugar Baby Watermelons, OMG Squash: Patty
    Pan, Spaghetti, Butternut. The list goes on and on and on. I’m so
    ashamed… NOT!!! :D

  13. Hey GWP, I’m down to my last packet of Broad Beans… ya gotta hook me up,
    pleeeease!!! I’ll do ANYTHING…. I gotta get me some, I get the shakes
    real bad when I can’t plant anything. As you know it’s winter here in the
    UK so I’ve gotta go at least another three months cold turkey before I can
    grow anything. I got the cold sweats…..

  14. Oh Paula, I now know that feeling so well, although you have to tell me how
    you get a dealer to deliver seeds in person without giving them money 😉
    Loved it. If I haven’t said so already I wish you and yours a very Merry
    Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Blessed Be!

  15. Hahha… But seriously its only a matter of time before heirlooms and seed
    saving are illegal in the Unites States. 

  16. Powerful stuff! Gripping drama! I love the Bold & Beautiful look aways :) I
    got my fix by mail delivery today Rosella and caper seeds… :)