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The Vegetable Kingdom.


  1. I love this movie. That last man is exception as all of them are, but his
    wife is and extraordinary decorator. My hat’s off to her.

  2. An Hour Long Feature On Vegetables? Who Would Want To Watch That! But This
    Is Truly A British classic. This Is Truly A Beautiful Work Of Art! Well
    done! Well Done! May God Continue To Bless All Of Your Efforts!

  3. Great video. I’ve subscribed to your channel and I look forward to
    following you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent programme – thanks for posting. Really shows how many people are
    fascinated by vegetables which constitute a major part of our diet and as
    such should be grown with respect!

  5. 96% of ppl grow some sort of produce .Total bollocks why do they make these
    assumption. Poor Medwyn can’t handle playing on the same field so he gives
    up. Without the help of Banger university how many firsts prizes would he
    have won. ?

  6. Crescătorie de râme hrănite şi înmulţite în mediul natural – Worms in their
    natural habitat 

  7. I do love the UK gardening shows. Informed passionate people with a great
    attitude about gardening from tiny allotment plots to Highbridge and the
    competition of Chelsea. Kew Gardens is a world treasure and such an

  8. I loved this show!! I watched the entire thing. I am a plant nut, and this
    is my stuff!! Thank you for posting :)

  9. Broad beans (starting at abt 50 min) literally make me vomit. The smell
    alone is enough.
    Yet, very informative video

  10. What a great video! Love that the HDRA at Ryton, Coventry is working to
    introduce the next generation to the importance of farming and that they
    see the real importance of being guardians of the diversity of seed.
    I absolutely love the idea of Field Kitchens, helps to introduce children,
    adults and chefs to a variety of in-season produce. We really need these
    here in the US to push the passion of gardening.

  11. Can anyone tell me the name/artist singing the swing song at the end of the
    video? “they call em the king” It’s really catchy :) 

  12. i have a east west back and front garden …i.e. i get sun on my back
    garden in morning and on the front in the afternoon……..what can i grow,
    all the veg ive looked at require full sun?….help