Garden Tour of My Friends Back Yard


well here are some lovely flowers and veggies.this house was on the garden show and walk last week.everything is so lovely.


  1. Your friend has a very lovely garden and what a variety she has. I was very
    impressed as well as inspired.

  2. Very nice!! and even nicer that you were able to take this video of your
    friend’s garden and share it with every one. Yes am a bit dizzy from
    watching it bit but I think thats nothing compared to the amount of
    dedication and love and dont forget the expence this gardener put into this
    garden. I see pleasant surprises in each turn. I am an avid backyard
    gardener and love to see other peoples artistry in their garden and how
    they express themselves using plants, color, texture and ornaments. Tks

  3. lol.. “what’s that?!” “What are those??!!” that’s awesome, you can feel
    your excitement as you keep seeing more and more! How fun. :)

  4. very beautiful! Compliments for pics and video editing!! If someone want,
    see please my new video with some pics of my garden! You can find it on my
    channel :-)

  5. best garden tour ever, i just bought a house this year but still working on
    the garden, planted lots of flowers but the land my house is on is quite
    large, so i have a way to go. This video will give me lots of tips. Thanks
    for posting

  6. thanks im the one asking the questions i made the video.yes her garden is
    really something i also have a very beautiful garden on my other channel.i
    wil be going back there sometime soon to take pictures and videos also her
    and her husband are going to be in the garden show :)

  7. what a beautiful and whimsical garden with great variety! I enjoyed the
    tour, please come over and help me get mine to look like that :) Happy

  8. well email me here and i will tell you i tried to email you with my new
    name but you have the friend lock enabled.