Garden Harvest and Rhubarb: Noreen’s Kitchen


Greetings! Just sharing with you what we picked this morning as well as how I deal with rhubarb. I actually hit one of my rhubarb plants while eliminating we…


  1. noreen i was wondering how you handle green peppers for keeping in storage
    im new at this, so i was wondering if i should can or freeze, or if there
    is another method? thanks love you guys

  2. We don’t have or have ever had a problem with termites. We currently have a
    giant pile of woodchips in our front yard that we are putting as a top
    dressing in our garden. No problems with termites. Look up the Back to Eden
    Movie and you will see that Paul Gauche uses woodchips to produce the most
    amazing soil without tilling or digging. Woodchips are the secret. I will
    keep using them to make my garden amazing.

  3. I’m excited I just got some rhubarb seeds to try and plant. I’ve never had
    rhubarb before, but hey first time for everything.

  4. Hello Noreen, great video. if it would be helpful to you I have a PLAYLIST
    dedicated entirely to BACK TO EDEN gardening besides of course watching the
    movie on VIMEO Blessings Julia

  5. LOL I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate grass. Every yard should be a
    veggie garden. Every inch. Oh, and your harvest is really nice too! I’m
    doing my new garden in a combination of “Back to Eden, and Ruth Stout’s
    No-Work Garden” she’s was a real hoot! Grew a garden until she was 96 yrs
    old. Never tilled, hoed, cultivated etc. AGAIN, I HATE GRASS TOO!!!! Plant
    gardens guys

  6. Looks wonderful! I have never tried to grow rhubarb, but thought about it.
    If I had a bigger garden I probably would. I hate to cut down my trees
    though, they are pecan trees and I love pecans! LOL

  7. Noreen, my pal… I had strawberry boxes made from pressurized wood and
    guess what I got!!!! Arsenic poisoning. I was soooo sick!

  8. There are different kinds of rhubarb! Some red and some green! Hey Noreen,
    the leaves are definitely not poisonous! We use them in soup! Rhubarb leaf
    soup! Always been famous here!

  9. Could you send me a wee bit of that rain? Last year we had the rain and it
    caused the same problem. I’m with you on that Back to Eden idea. Love it.
    Hey, don’t hold back. hahaha I agree with you about the grass. I could rant
    for an hour on the subject. Thanks for the information on the rhubarb.
    Great as always Noreen.

  10. Rhubarb is a favorite here. I grew up eating the green and red stemmed
    variety. Love your videos but hubby needs to sharpen those camera skills. 😉

  11. zip lock is a good brand it uses recycled products and green energy it is
    part of pg i love pg products

  12. What research is there to do? Yes it can say its not eatable but I am here
    telling you we have been doing for centuries!

  13. Yes they are poisonous please do some research before advising people other
    wise Google it and you will find plenty of info about it.

  14. I like that, tell us how you really feel!!! I say that all the time. I saw
    something on youtube, I think, about someone who turned their front yard
    into a garden. It was really nice.

  15. Right on! I agree about the lawn! It drives me crazy when people waste
    water on their lawns! What so you have to mow it more often!

  16. I agree abour the ‘flippin grass – arrggggg. My mom has treated her grass
    with chemicals for years. It is now illegal to do that in our area. My own
    garden will be cardboarded this year!!!

  17. I am so jealous of the rain. We have not had rain in over 107 days. If it
    was not for the dew I would not have a garden right now. We are suppose to
    get some today…fingers crossed. Nice Harvest.

  18. Send some rain here please. It hasnt rained in a few weeks and we have had
    to water the garden everyday. Also I freeze my rhubard as well. Personally
    I think frozen rhubarb gived more juice.